Pocket Casts goes free with existing features included 9to5Google

The podcasting industry is booming with heavy investment from large players like Google, Apple, and Spotify. NPR and a public radio consortium last year acquired Pocket Casts to offer its own experience and already released a major update in March with version 7.0. Today, Pocket Casts is going free and adding a “Plus” subscription.

Previously $3.99 for Android and iOS, the podcast player is now free to download. One common concern with paid apps dropping price tags completely is features becoming tiered behind a subscription. Fortunately, the free Pocket Casts will “retain all of the existing features that listeners know and love.”

This includes current dark theme options, cross-platform playback sync, audio effects like trimming silence and sorting. Pocket Casts will continue to add new features for free, and today’s announcement coincides with the ability to play custom audio and video files.

That said, Pocket Casts Plus now exists at $.99 per month or $10 annually. It offers 10GB of cloud storage to upload and save custom files. This locker can be used to listen or watch episodes before publishing, or storing audiobooks, lecture notes, and other long-form audio to play anywhere the client is available.