Pokémon Go adding 80 new Pokémon from Gold & Silver this week, new berries and more

Pokémon Go is adding over 80 new Pokémon this week, from the Generation II Gold and Silver games. All of them will be available to catch in the wild whilst playing Pokémon Go, not just from hatching eggs. You will be able to evolve some of the Kanto Pokémon you’ve already caught into their Johto successors.

The expanded Pokédex will be accompanied by a host of new features, coming in an app update later this week …

The company says they are adding Pokémon with gender-specific variations along with the ‘more than 80’ coming from the Gold and Silver era.

It’s worth noting that adding around only 80 Generation II Pokémon means that not all creatures from the original second-gen games have been added. We’ll have to wait for the update to go live to find out which handful of Pokémon have been left out of the mix.

Nevertheless, it’s a major expansion of the available roster for Pokémon Go. You can see many of the new faces in the video released by Niantic …

The app is also being updated with new gameplay when you find a Pokémon in the wild, adding variation to the encounter experience, and more customization options for your avatar — pick from new hats, shirts and pants.

The encounter screen has also been redesigned to prominently display berries and balls, as an easier way to activate them mid-fight. The Pokémon Go update will include two new berries as well: Nanab Berries slow a foe’s movement for an easier catch and a Pinap Berry doubles the Candy reward if the wild Pokémon is caught.

The update should be rolling out soon. Download Pokémon Go for free from the App Store.

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