Poll: Would you consider buying a 14inch or 16inch iPad Pro?

With the iPad Pro, Apple introduced a 12.9-inch screen, its bigger touchscreen size yet. Now, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman reports the company is in the early days of creating iPads with even bigger sizes. Would you consider buying one?

Gurman says Apple is planning a redesign iPad Pro for next year with wireless charging but for the following years, the company is exploring bigger screens:

I’m told that Apple has engineers and designers exploring larger iPads that could hit stores a couple of years down the road at the earliest. They’re unlikely for next year (…) and it’s possible they never come at all. But a big iPad would be the perfect device for many people, including me, and would continue to blur the lines between tablet and laptop.

While a 14-inch iPad could be an upgrade for today’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro, without changing too much its form factor, a 16-inch iPad Pro would be a huge jump. Gurman writes:

“It’s time for a giant screen, one in the 14-inch to 16-inch range. I love the speed, touchscreen, versatility and Magic Keyboard, but the 12.9-inch display is far too small for someone accustomed to a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Although it’s enticing an iPad Pro with this size, Apple would likely need to change the way iPadOS works today and really move to windows, as it does with macOS. Split viewing two apps or only adding a third one wouldn’t be enough for the power and the capabilities users would have with this giant screen.

On the other hand, a 16-inch iPad would be massive to carry around. If the M1 iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard already feels chunky, a model with 16-inches would be even worst. An iPad this big would kill some of its tablet features, like portability, lightweight, and the ability to just do mundane things on it, or would you open the Twitter app on vertical?

As Gurman says, Apple is only experimenting with this bigger sizer. Although I feel like the 16-inch would never come true, a redesigned bigger iPad Pro with a 14-inch screen does make sense and would be a great improvement without losing too much of its portability.

Maybe we are entering a new era of instead asking for macOS on the iPad, we would ask iPadOS on the Mac.

Would you buy a 14-inch or 16-inch iPad Pro? Tell us in the comment section below.

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