Popular $2 Sky Guide iOS App Is Free Today, Here’s The best ways to Get It

Apple isn’t averse to offering away apps what with its App Store free App of the Week promotion, and it also likes to provide free apps away by means of a lower recognized route – – the Apple Store app. The app that is currently up for grabs is Sky Guide and while it typically costs $ 1.99 in the App Store, stargazers can get their hands on the iPad and iPhone app for free today.


For those not familiar with the app, Sky Guide permits fans of the stars to point their iPhone or iPad skyward and have the app identify the twinkling lights that they can see.

Sky Guide has won plenty of awards and awards for many years and is usually believed to be one of the more unique and remarkable apps on the App Store. It certainly gives iOS devices a use that not many would have envisaged when the App Store introduced.

With an average 5-star score in the United States App Store and an Apple Watch app to boot, Sky Guide is an app that is incredibly popular certainly. If you don’t already have it in your library, now would be a great time to correct that particular error.


Getting hold of the app for free is an easy case of downloading the Apple Store app, if you don’t already have it, then tapping the ‘‘ Shops’ button at the bottom of the screen. Here you’ll see 2 turning banners, the 2nd – – or maybe 3rd, depending upon where you are – – of which which will eventually reveal you a Sky Guide advert, and the impatient amongst us can always swipe through the ads if so desired. Tapping that advertisement will certainly get you your free download.


The app will certainly be free for download up until June 30th and is validated to be readily available both in the United States and the United Kindom, though it will likely also be offered in other nations.

So what are you awaiting? Download the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad today and get your giveaway before the Cupertino tech giant modifications it mind. And you don’t desire that to happen, do you?

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