PSA: Apple Store app may be confusing for order tracking, Apple sending address confirmation emails

If you’ve recently made some Apple purchases and are eagerly awaiting their arrival, the status shown on the Apple Store app or Apple’s website might be a bit confusing or even alarming in some cases. Notably, if UPS or FedEx is having trouble with your delivery, Apple is also sending out address confirmation emails.

There are a few things going on that we wanted to point out to clear up any confusion or possibly concerns that you’ve had an Apple order stolen from your porch.

First, we noticed some delays with a new MacBook Pro, which is understandable but the Apple Store app adds some confusion. Here’s what I experienced…

This past weekend, the delivery estimate for my new MacBook Pro was for November 16th. On Monday the 16th, it slipped to the 17th. And then it changed to the 17th-18th in the Apple Store app. All understandable.

But as it turns out there was another wrinkle, UPS “misrouted” the package and it was in limbo for some 24+ hours. It seems that may have created some trouble on Apple’s end. While the delivery date estimate showed on the Apple Store app and Apple’s website came and went, UPS updated it to the 19th after the misrouting was solved.

But Apple’s estimate remained the same for the 17th-18th (even today, the 19th). Scenarios like this might make some people concerned that their package was stolen, especially if you just quickly glanced at the app and didn’t check in with UPS.