Purported OLED iPhone 8 SIM trays surface, once again showing new gold color

The new iPhone is going to be announced in a week’s time. In the runup to launch, we keep seeing new part leaks for various components and today is no exception. Benjamin Geskin has shared photos of the alleged iPhone 8 SIM trays.

Following previous rumors, Apple appears to be changing up the color lineup slightly for the 2017 iPhones as the SIM tray appears to be a different shade of gold than what Apple currently offers with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Although we aren’t sure what Apple will call this new take on gold, it is being referred to as copper or ‘blush’ gold for the time being. Apple may opt not to give it a unique name at all, and this is simply the new ‘Gold’.

The color is darker than both the current yellow gold and rose gold casings, with a hint of brown.

In the pictures shared today, the new gold and silver SIM trays can be seen. Apple color matches the SIM tray to the phone casing, so it’s a good indicator of what the actual devices will look like.