Questionable report: Apple may plan a return to glass-on-glass touchscreens for bezel-free iPhone next year


A Digitimes report, which seems to be drawing a great deal of conclusions from very little details, recommends that Apple might be preparing a return to glass-on-glass touchscreens for next year’s iPhones. Apple used so-called G/G innovation for its early iPhones, switching to in-cell tech for the iPhone 5 onward.

The short piece recommends that the move is mainly motivated by supply restrictions for higher-resolution in-cell display screens, but also recommends that the rumored strategy could be geared towards bezel-free displays. Glass providers Corning and Asahi are stated to have actually sent samples to Apple.

G/G touch panels might likewise help Apple develop bezel-free smartphones as in-cell touch panels apparently are having a hard time with touch level of sensitivity on the edges.

The reasoning here seems that as touch sensors are limited to the size of the display screen, this can lead to lowered level of sensitivity at the edges. G/G display screens allow the sensor layer to extend beyond the edges of the screen, making them more ideal for edge-to-edge glass designs.

Nevertheless, Apple originally made the switch to in-cell touchscreens as they enable screens to be thinner and lighter. In the meantime, we’re filing this one under ‘‘ fascinating but dubious rumor.’

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