REC iPhone app from Camera+ is a pro video recorder with full manual controls

The developers behind Camera+ have unveiled their latest app called REC. As the name suggests, it’s designed to shoot video and brings pro-quality full manual control for focus, exposure, white balance, bitrate, audio gain, and more. Read on a for a look at the robust new video recorder for iPhone.

LateNiteSoft, the team behind the popular Camera+ 2 app announced REC in a blog post today.

REC is a video shooting app with pro features that can be used by expert videographers and casual shooters alike. We took a lot of care to create a beautiful and thoughtful design with easy access to advanced features when you need them.

LateNiteSoft’s Pedro Cuenca shared more on the decision to create a separate app for REC instead of building it into Camera+.

We want Camera+ 2 and REC to be the best apps for photo and video capture. Having them separate will allow us to keep a razor-sharp focus on the best features and UI for each task. It prevents bloating. We won’t have to make compromises down the line on certain aspects of the user experience: we’ll just use what’s best for either app. And, while some people do photo and video, many others favor one more than the other, or use them for different purposes.

As for features, REC has what looks like a clean and simple UI with power-user features:

  • Full manual focus, white balance, and exposure control
  • Manual bitrate, framerate, and resolution control
  • Video playback control
  • Auto “Cine Exposure” setting for quickly getting the best shutter speed and frame rate
  • Automatic exposure lock
  • Ability to disable the iPhone’s built-in auto-stabilization
  • Audio level meter
  • Audio gain control
  • External mic support and manual mic choice