Redditors make fun suggestions as Niantic announces vague anti-cheating measures for Pokémon Go

Redditors are having fun after Niantic announced new measures to deter cheating in Pokémon Go …


The company said that anyone detected using third-party services to cheat – like those which fake your GPS location – will find the Pokémon caught in this way ‘may not behave as expected.’ While Niantic didn’t get any more specific than that, Redditors didn’t waste any time in coming up with their own suggestions.

Trainers, Abandoned pokemon have gone rogue after being caught and abused by cheating trainers! Team up with your fellow legitimate trainers to take them down and have a chance at catching them and giving them a new home!

I hope it eats the pokemon around it in your inventory.

I think it would be neat if they behaved similarly to a confused pokémon, and all of their attacks just hurt themselves instead of the opponent.

So… tapping the screen sometimes throws up a message like “Dragonite is loafing around” or “Tyranitar is taking a nap” or “Blissey isn’t listening”, and then it becomes unresponsive for a few seconds.

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments …

Niantic recently announced major changes to the way that gyms and gym battles work, with new social features also promised.


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