Review: Belkin’s Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case Provides Adaptability and a Complete Set of Keys

In our continuous iPad Air 2 keyboard evaluation series, we’ve checked out the ClamCase Pro and the BrydgeAir. Today we has got a check out another popular iPad keyboard that MacRumors viewers recommended we assess, the Qode Ultimate Pro from Belkin.

The Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Instance is just one of the more flexible keyboard instances we have actually considered, considering that it’s able to detach from the keyboard to act as a standalone iPad situation and it’s usable in both picture and landscape modes. Various other standout features consist of backlit tricks, a complete keyboard design, and automobile on/off performance.


What’s in the Box and Setup

The box consists of the two-piece keyboard, an accompanying micro-USB wall charger, and directions on the best ways to get it up and running. Setup is similar to any sort of other Bluetooth device, with pairing done by pushing the Bluetooth button on the keyboard and picking the keyboard in the Settings food selection of the iPad.

We bumped into some periodic troubles with Bluetooth, where we needed to get rid of the device totally from the list of recognized devices and re-pair, yet for the a lot of part, the Bluetooth link was solid in our testing.



The Qode Ultimate Pro comes in 2 separate pieces: a removable keyboard and a plastic situation that snaps on the back of the iPad Air 2. The two pieces connect to one an additional making use of many magnets. There’s a magnetic flap covered with a leather-like product on the keyboard that connects to the back of the instance to hold the assemble, and after that the instance matches one of 2 slots on the keyboard where it is held in place by extra magnets (these magnets also control the automated connection between your iPad and the keyboard). The two different slots allow for a little various checking out angles.

Using magnets to connect the two pieces of the instance with each other allows the iPad to be utilized without the keyboard affixed or with the keyboard folded up back, providing several possible use cases not feasible with other keyboard cases on the marketplace.

There’s a disadvantage though– the magnets advantaged in the Belkin Qode system are not extremely solid, so if you tilt it wrong or select it up in the wrong way, the two items can remove. If you picked the case up by the keyboard, for instance, and slanted it onward just somewhat as you might if you were relocate to a new area, there’s a good possibility your iPad could topple off the keyboard and hit the floor.

Therefore, you should be cautious when advantaging this instance, taking a few additional seconds to watch exactly how you choose it up when it has to be rearranged. When advantaged in a lap, it’s likewise feasible for the iPad to drop in reverse due to the fact that it’s so top heavy. The keyboard section itself is as well light to stabilize out the iPad and the magnets typically aren’t able to totally deal with the weight of the tablet computer when the keyboard is not placed on a level area. We had the iPad fall backwards and separate several times during testing on a lap. This is not a problem on a flat area, nonetheless.

You could also advantage the Qode Ultimate Pro keyboard with the iPad affixed in picture method, something that’s not feasible with numerous of the readily available keyboard cases on the marketplace. In this placement, it’s a little bit a lot more prone to falling in reverse because of the weight. The magnets are a bit weak, however it’s worth explaining that this system is convenient– it’s very easy to remove the iPad from the keyboard and it snaps right back into place when you want to utilize it once again. Most individuals possibly won’t make use of the keyboard with the iPad in picture mode, however it’s a nice option to have.

The portion of the situation that snaps over the iPad is created from a hard plastic that’s covered with a softer leather-like material outside. Sans keyboard attachment, it appears like a run of the factory rear instance, which is a bit thick and bulky, an aesthetic that some could not such as. It leaves access to all ports on the iPad open, from the Lightning port to the volume switches and the power switch.

It could be made use of as a normal every day instance when not connected to the keyboard, and it has cutouts for the video camera, the volume buttons, the operate switch, the headset jack, and the Lightning port under. The one negative when attempting to advantage it as a daily case is that it leaves the left side of the iPad without security since that’s where the iPad slots right into the keyboard when it is in use.

This is definitely an instance that’s indicated to be left on the iPad whatsoever times, and it’s rather tough to get rid of from the iPad Air 2 as a result of the stiff plastic product it’s made of. The Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro keyboard instance is probably not the very best remedy if you don’t care for the back casing, because it’s not something you’re going to wish to remove and on repeatedly.

The keyboard itself is made from aluminum ahead and a plastic product on the bottom. It’s offered in colors that match the Room Gray and Silver iPad Air 2, with a silver aluminum and white shell readily available for the Silver iPad and an Area Gray aluminum and black covering available for Apple’s darker iPad. The keyboard is thin and light in weight, making it rather mobile, however with the added bulk of an iPad in the thick plastic rear covering, it has to do with as thick as various other keyboard offerings we’ve formerly taken a look at, like the ClamCase Pro and the BrydgeAir.

When not in usage, the keyboard folds up over the front of the iPad Air 2 to secure the screen, giving it a nice, mobile clamcase shape when shut. There’s a rubber bumper at the side of the keyboard that keeps the iPad’s display from striking the tricks when closed. At 1.13 pounds, the Qode Ultimate Pro adds some weight to the iPad, something to remember if you intend to utilize it for traveling, however it’s not much heavier compared to other remedies on the marketplace.


The Keys

Entering on the Qode keyboard does not feel as satisfying as keying on the keyboard of a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro since key traveling is shorter and actuation force (the quantity of force necessary to push a key) isn’t really as wonderful. Due to this, the secrets do not really feel considerable– they’re soft, squishy, and not as bouncy as the secrets on a MacBook Air or Pro.

Contrasted to various other iPad keyboards like the ClamCase Pro and the BrydgeAir, the Belkin’s keys have an inferior feel. That stated, it’s not difficult to adapt to utilizing the Qode keyboard although the tricks really feel different and it didn’t have a significant impact on our typing speed. We did see some errors on the Qode due to the smaller sized key spacing as compared to one of Apple’s keyboards. The tricks are closer together, which takes some time to adjust to.

The Belkin Qode doesn’t offer a desktop-style keying encounter when it involves key feel, but it does flaunt the very same variety of tricks that are on a laptop computer keyboard. It has alternative, command, control, feature and tab keys, plus a full row of function/number keys that provide helpful iPad-specific commands. Reducing, copying, and pasting could be done advantaging the command key as on a normal keyboard.

There’s a key for accessing the home screen, which doubles as a method to lock the iPad when holding back the feature key. There are likewise keys for launching Siri, accessing search, switching over to multitask view to view open applications, taking a screenshot, bringing up the on screen keyboard, regulating sound, and controlling media playback. The secrets for accessing open applications (mimicking a dual tap on the residence button) and for taking a screenshot are special and are not offered on all iPad keyboards.

For making use of the keyboard in the dark or in poorly lit rooms, there’s an integrated backlight. There are three levels of brightness that could be picked by touching the brightness key on the keyboard a number of times. Advantaging the backlighting will drain the keyboard’s battery quicker.

Electric battery

The Qode has outstanding built-in electric battery saving features that provide it some of the longest electric battery life of any mobile iPad keyboard offered on the market. According to Belkin, it could last for up to a year on a single charge (with two hours of use a day) if the keyboard backlighting isn’t really activated.

Whenever the keyboard is attached to the iPad, the magnets instantly flip on Bluetooth, enabling the iPad to link. When the iPad is eliminated, Bluetooth closes off, conserving electric battery. This automated on and off attribute functions well– the iPad links within secs when anchored to the keyboard and shuts off promptly too. Bluetooth also closes off after around 10 seconds of sluggishness to save battery, a feature that can be interruptive if you stop in your writing for a moment or two due to the fact that it triggers the keyboard to flip off also when you’re still using it.

The automated feature means the keyboard simply begins when the iPad is docked, but it could be triggered to be on continuously by folding back the leather-made flap that links the keyboard to the iPad instance. When this flap is folded up back, the magnet maintains the keyboard on so it could be made use of on a standalone basis with any type of Bluetooth device, consisting of Macs and apples iphone.

When the battery on the keyboard does run low, it can be demanded via micro USB. There is no chance to examine the battery life on the keyboard, so it may be a smart idea to charge every couple of months just to make certain it does not wind up dead on a day when it’s required.

Various other Functions

The Qode has the capability to set with two different devices at the same time and changing between those devices can be done by holding down the feature key and touching + or remove, likewise labled as Bluetooth keys. This is an useful attribute that’s absent on most iPad keyboards.

There’s also a “Soundflow” style to boost the iPad Air 2’s noise to be louder than just what’s readily available without an instance, however we really did not discover a massive a difference in sound top quality or volume with and without the situation.


Which’s It For?

Belkin’s Qode Ultimate Pro is just one of the a lot more versatile keyboard cases on the marketplace, and it’s an excellent pick if you’re looking for something that can be used in a number of ways– as a standalone case, in landscape mode, in picture method, and with devices apart from the iPad. If you appreciate the adaptability to advantage a device in many different means, this might be the keyboard for you.

The keys are a little bit soft and shallow as compared to some other instances on the marketplace, but it’s still feasible to kind nearly as fast as a one could kind on a standard MacBook Air or Pro keyboard. Integrated backlighting, a full collection of keys, and a nice collection of iPad activities make the keyboard enticing in spite of its less desirable key feel.

For those of you which want a keyboard that could be advantaged in a lap or on an area that’s hollow and standard, the Qode Ultimate Pro is visiting be frustrating since it’s not able to sustain the weight of the iPad plus the plastic situation when on an unsteady surface area. If you don’t mind that aspect of the keyboard or the bulk that the situation portion contributes to the iPad, the Qode is a solid option.


  • Full collection of secrets
  • Backlighting
  • Versatile, functions in landscape and portrait method
  • Works with two devices
  • Great deals of integrated iPad shortcuts
  • Lengthy battery life


  • Magnets are weak and don’t assist iPad weight well
  • Keys are soft and key feel isn’t the finest
  • Can not be used dependably on unpredictable areas
  • Situation is bulky
  • Bluetooth is sometimes unstable
  • No electric battery indicator, nap times can be bothersome

Ways to Get

The Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Instance for the iPad Air 2 can be purchased from the Belkin website for $$ 149.99 in black or white. It’s likewise readily available from Amazon at the somewhat lesser price of $$ 132.

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