Review: Dotti and Notti Are Fun iPhone-Controlled Smart Lights That Deliver Alerts

Dotti and Notti are little iPhone-controlled smart lights created by design business Witti. More enjoyable than practical, the two lights connect to an iPhone over Bluetooth, enabling their colors to be altered and letting them light up when a notice is gotten.

Notti, the more economical of the two at $$ 60, is an angular light that rather looks like a candle. Dotti, priced at $$ 80, is a square pixel light with 8×8 grid of LEDs that can be organized into various pixellated shapes and colors.

I went hands-on with the Notti and Dotti and after a number of weeks, I can state that they’re both properly designed, fun to have fun with, and make nice desk or table decorations.


Notti is the more easy light of the 2. Made from opaque white plastic, it’s got a faceted, angular design that looks appealing, specifically when lit. It’s a good mood light for a living-room or bed room, determining in at 10cm x 7.5 cm x 6cm. Notti has an integrated battery that will last for as much as 5 hours when the light is switched on, and up to 720 hours in standby mode while waiting for an alert to come in.

When the Notti wases initially turned on through a little button on the front of the light, it’s bright green, but with the accompanying Notti app, it can be altered to any color. The Notti pairs with an iPhone automatically when the app has actually been set up. Lights don’t photo quite as saturated in as they remain in real life, so when looking at photos of Notti and Dotti, keep that in mind. The colors are actually much deeper and more brilliant.

With the app, you can control both color and brightness with a color wheel, leading to a great deal of different mixes. LEDs in some colored lights cannot do certain shades like blue and green, however the Notti does well with these these colors.

App functions consist of a rainbow mode that cycles through colors continuously, an alarm mode, and a mode that lets the Notti flash in addition to the tempo of a tune. The app’s crucial feature is an alert setting that works while the Notti remains in standby, flashing in a defined color whenever an alert is gotten.

Numerous system apps work with Notti, consisting of SMS/iMessages, call, Mail, missed calls, and Calendar. It’s likewise suitable with third-party apps consisting of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook Messenger, QQ, Line, Weibo, Skype, Google+, Instagram, Viber, IFTTT, Hangouts, Kakaotalk, and Telegram.

Notti only works with the above noted apps, so there’s no method to set it to provide a notification for an app like Tweetbot, Mailbox, or Fantastical, which is a bit of a disadvantage if you make use of a lot of unsupported apps. You can likewise only receive alerts for 4 third-party apps at one time.

When a notice comes in for one the supported apps, the Notti flashes in your picked color, and it’s difficult to miss. With the Notti set up together with all my iOS devices and Mac, when I get an inbound call, there’s a bright flashing thumbs-up, my iPhone rings, my iPad rings, my iPad mini rings, my Mac rings, and my Apple Watch rings. It’s a circus of light and sound.

Notti’s app isn’t really best. There are a couple of misspellings, the user interface could be much better, and selecting colors for notices might be more clear, however on the whole, it works, as does the notice function. I checked Notti with several of the apps it works with, and notices were successfully provided with each one.

I do not believe the majority of people need the Notti for notices since our iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches do a pretty strong service of letting us understand when we receive a message, but it’s an enjoyable feature and it’s possibly helpful if you do require visual notices. Notti’s also fun at parties, it behaves to utilize as a nightlight when you stand up at night for a beverage, and on a low setting, you could plug it in and leave it on in a child’s room. It’s also a great little mood light that pairs well with existing lighting systems, like the Philips Tone.


Dotti and Notti are 2 totally distinct lights. While Notti’s a faceted jewel-like light, Dotti is a square light (7.7 cm x 5.2 cm x 5.2 cm) with 64 LEDs that can be used to make pixellated light art with the accompanying Dotti app. It advises me of a Lite-Brite and it’s fun to fiddle with when you’re burnt out or stressed and have to relax for a couple of minutes.

Dotti’s design might appear familiar– it’s extremely similar to the L8 SmartLight that was readily available through Kickstarter in 2012, but that item is not readily available and it’s gotten bad evaluations from backers. The Dotti looks similar, however it does not have some of the L8’s sensing units (it assured distance, temperature, and luminosity sensors) and its performance issues.

Like the Notti, the Dotti has an integrated battery so it can be made use of without a cord, and it lasts the very same length of time before requiring a charge. The Dotti has no physical buttons, instead using a touch panel at the top of the light. It turns on with a difficult press and swiping along the top of the panel can change between modes, showing preferred icons, animations, a clock, and more.

Though square at the front, the backside of the Dotti has a faceted design like the Notti. I’m not exactly sure if this was done to accommodate battery or if it was a design decision, but the faceting makes the light’s body more aesthetically interesting.

Dotti links automatically to the Dotti app, which is made use of to control each of the LEDs. The app shows a grid and a color combination, and creating a design is done by tapping each square in the grid. You can select from several different colors and color strengths while making a design, with black turning off an associated LED.

There are several preconfigured favorites developed into the app to pick, from consisting of a delighted face, a heart, a Batman sign, a mushroom, and a Pac-Man. There’s also an animated scene, which you can customize. You can save your own animated design and pixel art developments, but you have to overwrite the preconfigured material.

You can only save 8 designs and one animated scene in the Dotti app, which is sort of non-sensical. The app would be a lot better if it might store a lot more designs.

With music on, Dotti will certainly reveal a visual synthesizer, and there’s a clock mode that’ll display the time. It’s a little hard to check out (that’s 21:49 in the image listed below). There’s even an integrated dice video game, which you can trigger by shaking the light. Each shake rolls the dice again.

Like the Notti, one of Dotti’s major features is the capability to display incoming notifications. It works with all the same apps and features on the iPhone as the Notti, but it shows notifications as a pixellated app icon. Dotti’s screen alerts cannot be tailored– they’re preconfigured for each app. Each notice will certainly flash up until you touch the top of the light to dismiss it or up until you clear the notification on your phone.

Dotti has a lot of functionality, but it’s not all easy to gain access to due to the fact that the touch panel at the top of the light isn’t intuitive. Luckily the Dotti’s core features– drawing and notifications– work well without needing the touch panel, and numerous of the extra features can likewise be accessed within the app. The Dotti app could certainly make use of improvement. A $$ 79 light ought to support a lot more conserved animations and art.


Bottom Line

Both the Dotti and the Notti laugh at desk toys, however it’s difficult to see them as anything but toys. The Notti is rather more versatile since it can act as a mood light or an alarm clock, however the Dotti might be something that many individuals will have fun with for a couple of weeks then reserved.

Most of us have enough ways of getting notices, however if you utilize the supported apps a lot and like to keep your phone hid while at the office, the Notti and Dotti are both going to do an outstanding job letting you understand when you’re getting an email or phone call. There are some people who will find the visual alerts to be extremely beneficial– for those difficult of hearing, the Dotti and the Notti might be much more than simply toys.

Both the Dotti and Notti apps could utilize enhancement, and both lights would be a lot better if the notices were more customizable. Having the ability to utilize the Dotti and Notti with the apps that I actually make use of would have made them a lot better to me. That said, even with rather below average apps, the lights still do a lot of things well.

Nobody needs the Dotti or the Notti, but they’re one of those awesome little devices that’s simply nice to have.

How to Purchase

Dotti and Notti can be acquired from the Witti web site. Dotti is priced at $$ 79.99 and Notti is priced at $$ 59.99.

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