Review: ElevationLab’s innovative hybrid CordDock blends a unique MFi cable and slim, sturdy dock

We tested out the ElevationDock 4 (reviewed) last fall and concluded that it lives up to the self-proclaimed title of “the best dock for iPhone.” The company released its latest offering, CordDock – a hybrid product last month, and we’ve been able to test it out for the last few weeks. Here’s how this slick offering stacks up against ElevationDock 4 and the rest of the market.

After ElevationLab released its fourth generation ElevationDock for iPhone and iPad, it took the wraps off of its latest product, a clever dock and MFi Lightning cable hybrid called CordDock.

While ElevationDock4 was a fantastic iteration on the company’s popular docks, CordDock brings a whole new approach to charging, docking, and effortlessly using your iPhone. It really provides an awesome experience at a great price of $40.

  • Combines the benefits of a cord, with the benefits of a dock, in one ultra-compact design.
  • Directions: Pull up to undock one-handed like normal. Or rotate forward to take the cord with you!
  • Tiny footprint – it’s the smallest dock for iPhone.
  • Adjusts to fit cases up to 4mm thick (that’s most cases except Otterbox).
  • Minimal matte finish. Machined stainless steel & reinforced polymer construction. The NanoPad bottom locks to smooth surfaces with micro air-suction (not adhesive).
  • Apple MFi certified with an Apple-made connector.
  • Charges 2-3x faster than Qi wireless & you can freely pick up your iPhone while charging.
  • CordDock was years of engineering, prototyping, and testing to work well and be durable. Patent pending. If you like it as much as we do, there’s a shot it could be your favorite accessory for iPhone.
  • CordDock consists of a matte polymer and machined stainless steel. It offers a durable, premium braided MFi 6-foot Lightning cable with a 90-degree elbow on the Lightning end. This is what makes it so easy to dock and undock your iPhone while charging/syncing.

    While ElevationDock 4 brought the first one-handed undocking, CordDock offers the same great benefit. A nanopad on the underside keeps the dock firmly in place and provides the useful one-handed functionality. Keep in mind though that the nano pad won’t adhere to bare or fibrous wood or other highly textured surfaces.

    To no surprise, CordDock is a really well made product. From the braided MFi cable to the satisfying click of docking and undocking your iPhone, it feels great to use and will no doubt last a really long time.

    In the box you get the dock with included MFi Lightning cable, and a secondary set of magnetic baseplates (more on that in a moment). ElevationLab offers a 30-day return period along with a 1-year warranty for its products.