Review: Fibaro Flood Sensor uses HomeKit automation to help detect leaks

Fibaro Flood Sensor is the first leak detector that works with Apple HomeKit. This lets you use Flood Sensor ($69) in Apple’s Home app in interesting ways not possible with other leak detectors.

The hardware itself looks like an accessory that could be an official Apple product if the company was in the business of making leak sensors. It features a white plastic shell that looks like a miniaturized version of the original AirPort Extreme and can easily can be placed out of sight.

The top includes a blinking red LED status light that fires up when a leak is detected, and inside the casing is an alarm that screams like a smoke detector when water is detected.

The bottom side of Flood Sensor features three plastic feet that keep the unit in place and three metal pins that react to water contact. The pins also react to movement so you can be alerted to tampering and know if Flood Sensor has been moved or the casing has been opened. Tamper detection is set to medium by default and can be increased, lowered, or disabled.