Review: jimmyCASE offers the most flexible wallet case for iPhone X

We took our first look at the unique jimmyCASE approach to wallet cases over a year ago. Now we’ve been putting the company’s latest offering for iPhone X to the test. Just like earlier models, the new Slim Classic Wallet Case uses a mix of great materials including mahogany, silicone, and high performance elastic that provide a sharp blend of function and form. Read on for our full review and why jimmyCASE is a distinct and flexible choice for iPhone X.

jimmyCASE launched a model for iPhone X back closer to the smartphone’s launch last year, but the company has redesigned and improved its offering for Apple’s flagship iPhone with the Slim Classic Wallet Case.

jimmyCASE Slim Classic uses mahogany, silicone, and high performance elastic. These materials really work well together to create a warm, comfortable, and functional case.

The new iPhone X case comes in more variants than ever before, including 18 options with various colors, stripes, and patterns. I tested out the clean and simple black version, the orange and navy blue stripes, and palm leaf. Notably, there’s a sweet all-black version too, for a bit of a premium.

jimmyCASE Slim Classic’s build feels well-thought out and solid. The company produces them by hand in Los Angeles. Between the silicon bumper and the elastic on the back, jimmyCASE feels great to hold and use. The mahogany gives these cases a rich, distinct look and also adds to the solid feel and protection.

As a few reviews on Amazon have pointed out, one downside is the Slim Classic doesn’t come around the front of the iPhone X screen very much. But it does just barely create a barrier between your display and any surfaces if you place it face down.

The high performance elastic on jimmyCASEs is custom-made for the company and I can confirm their claim that it doesn’t wear out. I’ve been using one for over a year and it still snuggly holds on to cards and more.

Like with previous models, the elastic wraps underneath the mahogany on both sides of the case and is sown 3/4-inch from the outside edge toward the center. This is what makes the cool push to slide wallet function possible.