Review: Just Mobile’s TimeStand is the $40 metal Apple Watch stand we’ve been waiting for

If you want an Apple Watch stand, you can pick from three significant products: plastic, wood, or metal. The widely budget-friendly plastic options have the tendency to look a bit cheap when coupleded with the Apple Watch — — particularly non-Sport models — — while the expensive wood ones are rather polarizing, triggering an approximately equal mix of “love” and “hate” responses.

From what I’ve gathered from readers, metal is the most popular Apple Watch stand alternative, with alternatives starting at $ 20 and climbing sharply; many of the very best metal stands are hovering around the $ 60 mark. For months, I’ve felt that the sweet area for a great metal Apple Watch stand was right in the middle of that variety, but there hasn’t been a deserving choice to check the viability of the $ 40 cost point.


That’s part of the reason Simply Mobile’s TimeStand ($ 40) feels unavoidable. It was simply a matter of time up until the metal masters at Simply Mobile weighed in with their take on an Apple Watch stand, and given their design history, it’s no surprise that the outcome is a stylish little desktop sculpture.

TimeStand is machined from a single piece of aluminum with a weighted, rubber-padded base, distinctly contemporary and substantial, yet $ 20 less costly than choices I’ve previously evaluated from Mophie and Wanderer. Furthermore, TimeStand’s unique shape provides compatibility with all Apple Watch bands, though there are also a few caveats you may want to understand…

… Secret Information:

  • Inexpensive Apple Watch stand made from a cylinder of machined aluminum
  • Measures 4″ ″ tall by 1.95 ″ broad at its biggest points, tapering to 3.2″ ″
  • by 1.75 ″ Offered just in silver Needs Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable television, like all other Apple Watch stands
  • Does not deal with upcoimng Night table Mode


TimeStand’s a lot of distinguishing characteristic is its appearance. Developed by Denmark-based design studio Devices, the shape is described by Simply Mobile as a cylinder, though it undetectably tapers from completely round on top to an oval at the bottom, with an extremely minimal 1.75″ ″ to 1.95 ″ footprint. Simply Mobile opted to angle the leading surface area, and cut a huge cylindrical hole from the center, forming a “C” shape with the remaining metal. Photographs may recommend that the open side of the C has sharp edges, however they’ve actually been finished gently enough that you won’t cut yourself on them.


The central hole isn’t just visually striking — — it’s also functional. It’s set at simply enough of a distance from TimeStand’s leading to allow the continuing to be metal to support the Apple Watch while letting any band hang underneath. While you can physically turn the Apple Watch into landscape positioning, the recline Just Mobile picked for the watch is a degree or more shy of triggering the large clock-faced Night table Mode on watchOS 2.0, at least as of the existing beta version. Some individuals will certainly consider this disappointing; others won’t mind at all.


Like every other Apple Watch stand, TimeStand requires you to self-supply an Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable — — either the one that comes with your Apple Watch, or an extra. Predictably, the cable is transmitted through the left edge of the stand, with the round inductive charging disc resting inside a rubber-lined recess on the top. Any version of the Magnetic Charging Cable television will be raised enough above TimeStand to prevent metal-on-metal contact; Apple’s thinner metal variation of the Magnetic Charging Cable television stands out about 2mm from TimeStand, and the thicker plastic Sport variation of the cable television is around 4mm. Including an external rubber ring might have supplied peace of mind for worried Apple Watch owners, however wouldn’t have actually looked as great, and more than likely wouldn’t have actually made an actual difference in day-to-day use.

timestand-3 timestand-4 timestand-5

A channel in TimeStand’s left edge holds the cable television prior to it transmits through TimeStand’s bottom, and emerges from a hole in the back. While the channel could stand to be deeper on the left side to much better hide the cable, it’s secured all right at 2 bend points to prevent mistakenly slipping out throughout normal use. The weight inside TimeStand’s base is also heavy enough that you won’t pull the stand up every time you remove your Apple Watch from the charging puck. My only concern would be making sure that any closed metal band avoids rubbing against the edges of the metal C on insertion or elimination.

I’ve been a fan of Simply Mobile’s metal design pieces for many years, so for $ 40, TimeStand strikes me as an extremely great value: it offers the very same level of style and quality of products you’ll find in $ 60 stands from companies such as Mophie and Nomad, but at a price more detailed to entry-level $ 20 Spigen stands. The one evident omission — — and something history suggests Simply Mobile will eventually deal with — — is TimeStand’s launch with only a single color, silver, which matches most of Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models, while leaving space for future gray, black, or perhaps gold metal versions. Color alternatives, and potentially a slight change to the leading angle for Nightstand Mode compatibility, would take TimeStand from “very cool” to “generally attractive.”

Simply Mobile
$ 40
Apple Watch


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