Review: ShoulderPod brings Lego-like modularity to iPhone camera accessories

Smartphone grips and mounts are a dime a dozen nowadays. Making a product that stands apart from the crowd is difficult, but ShoulderPod may be the first company to do that in a long time. The company has built out a modular smartphone camera system allowing photographers and videographers to customize their tools to suit their individual needs. I put the company’s Lego-like experience to the test over the past few weeks, and have been pleasantly surprised with just about everything it offers.

I’ve spent the past few years testing out as many smartphone camera accessories as possible. The goal always being to push the limits of what is considered possible in mobile photography and videography. No matter how perfect a system I’ve found, they’re always brought down by one simple fact: phone sizes change nearly every year.

Sometimes it is the phone’s actual size, the iPhone 5s versus the iPhone 6. Sometimes it is the phone’s camera, the iPhone 6s versus the iPhone 7 Plus. These subtle changes make finding the “perfect” smartphone camera rig extremely difficult. Every time I’ve gotten comfortable with one setup, it is quickly trumped by a new phone design that comes out months later.

This experience is where ShoulderPod’s tools shine. The Barcelona-based company makes premium quality smartphone accessories with a focus on modularity. Instead of being tied down to one set of accessories, a mobile photographer can grow and adapt as their setup does. ShoulderPod is making sure that the smartphone accessory experience can match the DSLR accessory experience as much as possible.

I’ve spent the past month and a half using a mix of the ShoulderPod’s accessories and throwing every possible situation I could think of at them. Every time I pick up the accessories, I’m continually surprised at what I can do. It feels like an expanding Lego set for my iPhone.