Roundup: Apple Watch Series 3 + Series 1 specs and prices compared

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 3 at its event at Steve Jobs Theater yesterday. The latest Apple Watch hardware offers cellular and non-cellular models starting at $399 and $329 respectively.

Apple Watch Series 2 has been removed from the lineup, while Series 1 remains with a price cut. Let’s dive in and take a look at how the current Apple Watch lineup compares with specs and pricing.

There’s good news for everyone when it comes to the new Apple Watch lineup. Those who don’t want or need GPS and were considering a Series 1 Watch can now pick one up for less than ever before at $249/$279 (Series 1 works with GPS/Maps when using with an iPhone, it just doesn’t have stand-alone GPS functionality).

Those who want GPS, a faster processor, and more but don’t want cellular can get the new Apple Watch Series 3 for less than the Series 2 sold for. And now, for the first time, Apple is also offering a cellular model, enabling some great new features and benefits to users.

Here’s an overview of the new models and pricing:

As for Series 1, you do get a dual-core processor which is an upgrade over the original Apple Watch, but you’ll miss out on a lot of improvements and features that Series 3 brings to the table.