Rumor: Nextgen MacBook Air design to feature flat edges, white bezels, more

Last week, a rumor suggested that a future MacBook Air could be available in an array of colors similar to the new M1 iMac. Now, more details about the next MacBook Air’s design have potentially emerged, and they hint at a handful of notable changes.

In a new video posted to his YouTube channel today, leaker Jon Prosser says that he obtained images of a redesigned MacBook in new colors. He explains that it’s not explicitly clear whether this is the MacBook Air or perhaps an adjective-less “MacBook,” but the lack of ports indicates it’s likely not a MacBook Pro.

In order to protect his sources, Prosser does not share the actual images of the MacBook but rather renders that were created based on the leaked image in collaboration with RendersByIan.

The images show a MacBook with a thin and light design, but the classic tapered edge of the MacBook Air is no longer present. Instead, this MacBook features a flat-edged design that resembles the iPad Pro and iPad Pro. There are supposedly two USB-C ports, one on either side, but the fate of MagSafe is unclear.

Other design changes here include white bezels around the display, as well as a redesigned keyboard that is also white. The renders depict three seven different color options, similar to the iMac. Prosser explains that the colors are similar to the colors used on the stands of the new iMac, rather than the bolder colors used on the back of the iMac.

One note is that while Prosser confirms that the MacBook will feature white bezels similar to the iMac, he is not confident in the size of those bezels. The actual size of the bezels on this MacBook could be smaller or larger than the renders suggest.

Prosser has previously accurately indicated the design of future Apple products with renders based on real images. For example, his renders of the AirPods Max were similar to the final product. He also accurately leaked the design of the AirTag item tracker.

What do you think of this design? Do you think it’s the upcoming MacBook Air, or perhaps an all-new “MacBook” product? Let us know down in the comments!