Samsung Laptops Purposely Disables Windows Update In Favor Of Its Own Bloatware

When you acquire a Windows powered desktop or notebook, usually you eventually concur, whether intentionally or unknowingly, to offer your soul to the bloatware devils. Sure, Windows may still be the most popular desktop os worldwide based upon sheer volume, however that doesn’t avoid individual OEMs from requiring their horrendous bloatware down the throats of consumers at every provided chance. Now, it appears that Samsung, among the world’s biggest producers of PCs, and shippers of bloatware, is taking things a little further by not just forcing its bloatware onto users, but likewise requiring the shutdown of among Windows greatest functions– automatic updates by Microsoft.

If you possess a Samsung made note pad, then depending on your level of technical capability or inquisitiveness, you may or may not know that each machine ships with a little piece of software application installed call ‘‘ SW Updater.’ SW Updater is essentially an exclusive piece of Samsung made software application that exists to update firmware, motorists and other bits and bobs that the company feels essential to load onto your machine prior to acquire. The majority of manufacturers have a comparable installer or updater option on their devices, but it appears that SW Updater comes equipped with a rather bizarre little utility called ‘‘ Disable_Windowsupdate. exe

‘. No prizes for thinking what this little magical tool does.

Samsung notebook

The sole purpose of the ‘‘ Disable_Windowsupdate’executable is to immediately go for startup, with the intention of disabling the Windows Update function to avoid the note pad from working with and setting up vital updates.

Bug fixes, important security repairs, new functions included by Microsoft, Everything gets handicapped by default on Samsung PCs, all thanks to Disable_Windowsupdate. exe. Obviously, users who are alert enough can reasonably easily reenable Windows Update, however Samsung has actually considered that too. SW Updater just fights to work and disables the upgrade procedure each time the laptop computer is rebooted.

Thanks a lot for that Samsung, it resembles you’ve deliberately gone out of your way to screw customers.

There’s no main word from Samsung or the info concerning SW Updater about why it actually does this. It’s relatively logical for one to presume that SW Updater has some compatibility issues with the native Windows Update feature as they are basically developed to do the very same thing – – install updates.


Instead of find an option and work around any disputes it looks as though Samsung’s engineers have just taken the course of least resistance by bundling in the ‘‘ Disable_Windowsupdate. exe’ program to just disable the problem rather than fix it.

This discovery is a clear sign that Samsung didn’t discover jack after the Lenovo Superfish mess.

(Source: BSODAnalysis)

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