Screen Bug Changing Some iPhone 6s consumers Who Restored From iPhone 5/5s/5c Back-Up

Considering that the iPhone became accessible for purchase on September 25, an increasing amount of former iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s users who transferred their content with their new devices via iCloud are encountering a display bug that causes specific apps to appear zoomed in on the iPhone 6s screen.

consumers on the Apple help communities and the MacRumors newsgroup have run in to this problem, and we have also acquired several e-mails from clients that are impacted. The issue seems to be mainly related using the pocket book, climate, Watch, Calculator, and wellness apps, inducing some data to be stop at the edges of the display. It appears when an iPhone 5/5c/5s running iOS 9 is copied to iCloud to occur and then restored to an iPhone 6s.

I only got my iPhone 6s to day and attempted loading bank cards to the Wallet app and then discover that the perspective (for dearth of a better term) is zoomed-in, basically cutting the sides from my cards and passes. While this will not change the performance of ApplePay and the charge cards, it will develop a difficulty handling passes. It cuts the toggle button for every single pass off, enabling it to be deleted by me.

I have tried re-starting and nothing. I don’t feel like re-storing the software on a phone I simply got minutes past. Anyone else seeing this issue?

As may be observed in the screen shots below, bank cards and passes kept in the Wallet app are stop at the sides, avoiding them from being shown correctly. Pocket book is among the apps where the zoom issue is the most common as it keeps folks from deleting cards.

Turning on the Screen Zoom function in the Settings app causes pocket book to seem ordinary, but it leaves the remaining iPhone zoomed in. It functions as a short-term option to give customers the power to deal with their cards in the app, but it’s not a long-term fix that is acceptable. Restarting the iPhone and stopping apps don’t seem to resolve the issue.

Several customers that have contacted Apple happen to be told the organization is operating on a repair, but the issue had not been solved in either iOS 9.0.1 or iOS 9.0.2. One thread from the MacRumors forum indicates this is possibly a iOS 9 bug which has existed since prior to the OS was launched. Some customers working the iOS 9.1 beta 3 update say the issue is repaired, so a remedy may be coming with iOS 9.1.

forward of a repair, pocket book may be obtained utilizing the Screen Zoom function as outlined above. Apple Store workers seem to be indicating clients set their iPhones upwards as new devices as an answer, but users who don’t want to have go through the trouble of creating a brand new device should hold off until iOS 9.1 is launched.

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