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Sculley says Steve Jobs movie is “extraordinary entertainment” but depicts only one aspect of the man

Former Apple CEO John Sculley has told the WSJ that the Sorkin/Boyle movie Steve Jobs is “extraordinary entertainment” but depicts only one side of Jobs’ personality.

It’s extraordinary entertainment, [but] was really taking one aspect of Steve Jobs’s personality.

Part of his personality was he was a passionate perfectionist, but there were so many other parts […] The young Steve Jobs that I knew had a great sense of humor. He was on many occasions, when we were together, very warm. He cared a lot about the people he worked with and he was a good person. So, I think those aren’t the aspects that are focused on in this movie … 

Echoing comments made by Steve Wozniak, Andy Hertzfeld and others, Sculley says that the film takes a lot of liberties with the facts.

While the movie depicts two subsequent encounters between Jobs and Sculley after Jobs left Apple, in reality, there was only one. Sculley declines to reveal what Jobs said at that meeting, but he says of the film’s depiction, “There was a lot of creative license taken.”

The WSJ recently reported that Steve’s widow Laurene Powell Jobs repeatedly tried to block production of the movie. Apple, too, has been making efforts to persuade staff that there was more to Steve than is depicted in the Sorkin/Boyle biopic. Tim Cook emailed staff inviting them to ask those who knew Jobs to ask about what he was really like, and the company shared with employees some out-takes which show a relaxed and joking Jobs in the run-up to the launch of the iPhone.

The movie begins its general release on Friday on both east and west coasts, gradually rolling out nationwide between then and 23rd October.

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