SemiTether Updated To Fix Issues; Still In Beta; Will Be More Stable After Updated Mobile Substrate Is Released

Late last night, BigBoss released a new package on Cydia called SemiTether, which allows you to reboot your jailbroken iOS 5 device without the need to connect it to the computer.

However, BigBoss’s solution had some limitations and number of users reported issues after using it. BigBoss has released a new version of SemiTether to fix some of the issues.

BigBoss writes:

I updated to 0.7.9. This version will take about 90 seconds after it first boots up and then your device will respring again. This timing was the only way to get some of the launch daemons to properly relaunch.

BigBoss has mentioned that SemiTether 0.7.9 should fix issues for some of you where:

1) Device does not sync with itunes and only errors. Hopefully solved. 2) Device reboots after 2-3 minutes.

He also goes on to add:

Note, Saurik is working on an update to mobile substrate that will solve many of the issues with the semi-tether package. Hopefully this will be out in a day or two. At this time, we can finalize beta testing. I plan to hold further updates until after Saurik has released his mobile substrate update. Saurik’s updates will eliminate the need for the long 90 second respring on boot also.

This update was only tested on iphone 4. After saurik’s mobile substrate changes, more devices will be tested. Next updates coming in next 2-3 days.

Semi tethered mode will allow users, especially iPhone users who want to jailbreak their iPhone to at least use it for some of the basic functionalities of the iPhone, instead of the tethered mode where if you reboot the iPhone for any reason it is stuck at the Apple logo, until you don’t tether it to the computer and use Redsn0w’s Just Boot option. Here’s a summary of what you can and cannot do in semi tethered mode.

1) Can use phone, sms (text messages) 2) Can use every other stock app on iphone. 3) Cannot use mobile safari 4) Can use other appstore web browsers such as atomic web browser 5) Cannot use mail app. You could install a gmail app from appstore or such instead. 6) You cannot use any jailbreak tweak, app, cydia until you boot tethered. 7) While in the semitether booted state, you should not add a jailbreak ios5 notification such as sbsettings to notifications during this state or your device will be stuck in a respring loop until you get home to “boot tethered”.

Please also note that your jailbroken iOS 5 device in semi tethered mode will take 90 seconds to reboot.

SemiTether is currently available as beta so please proceed with caution or wait until Jay Freeman a.k.a saurik releases a new version of Mobile Substrate that will fix most of the issues and make it a lot more stable.

If you still want to give it a shot then checkout our post on How To Semi Untether Jailbreak iOS 5 Using SemiTether For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch.

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