Should Apple continue including adapters/cables with new iPhones? [Poll]

Last December Ben wrote a thorough opinion piece on the topic of what port we may see in future iPhones and also asked for readers’ feedback. The majority of pollsters shared they believe Apple won’t incorporate USB-C in the iPhone this year, with 30% thinking 2018 could be the year, 19% saying ‘Never,’ and 18% ‘Later.’ However, there was still almost 30% of respondents who voted that the change will happen this year.

Whether Apple decides to stick with Lightning for this year’s devices or not, it will be interesting to see if they include more adapters in the box or expect customers to pay extra to retain compatibility with their computers and accessories. What do you think?

Since Apple includes a Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone adapter with the iPhone 7, I can’t help but think they’ve set a precedent for customers to expect the company to continue to do the same. As technology like I/O changes in the future, it wouldn’t set Apple back that much to include adapters to ease and even encourage these transitions for customers, even if it’s more than one…

With the headphone adapter selling for $9, Apple’s cost is likely under $1. It’s seems like the right thing to do to include it with an iPhone that ranges between $649-$969. Yet the USB-A to USB-C adapter also priced at $9 isn’t included with MacBooks that start at $1,299. Another silly scenario is thinking about spending upwards of $3,000 for a new MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 and not being able to plug in your device without an extra purchase.

Granted many of us don’t plug in our devices to our Macs near as much anymore, but there are definitely still times when it is necessary. No matter which port Apple uses for iPhones this year, I think they should include a headphone adapter as well as USB adapters (and a simpler form factor like Aukey’s adapter would be nice, too). Do you agree? Share you thoughts in the poll and comments.

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