Should Apple’s 31.6-inch 6K display also feature touchscreen capabilities? [Poll]

Over the weekend, Ming-Chi Kuo said in a note to investors that Apple will release a massive 31.6-inch ‘6K3K’ display. We’ve already broken down what this display might look like, but one thing that’s very unclear is whether Apple’s “Pro” monitor will feature touch capabilities.

In many cases, it makes sense for the 31.6-inch display not to feature a touchscreen. macOS is not designed for use via a via touch interface, and Apple has shown no interest in making other Macs touchscreen capable. On the other hand, with the increase of Marzipan-style apps on the Mac, there are seemingly more touch-friendly interfaces than ever.

Further, it’s easy to assume that Apple’s 31.6-inch display will work with the latest 2018 iPad Pro via USB-C. While this isn’t confirmed, it would be surprising for two of Apple’s “Pro” products to be incompatible (ignoring the fact that the LG UltraFine 5K does not work with the iPad Pro).

If you look at Microsoft’s Surface Studio, you get a 28-inch touchscreen display. This has mixed usefulness without the ability to connect a touch device like an iPad, but it serves as a good proof of concept for what a large touchscreen device could be like.

Personally, I have mixed opinions about this. I see why certain creatives might want Apple to make a “Pro”-grade touch display, but it’s hard for me to get around the fact that little of macOS is designed for touch interfaces. With Marzipan, Apple is changing its approach to macOS app design, so perhaps that will change my opinion as time progresses.

What do you think? Should Apple’s 31.6-inch ‘6K3K’ feature touchscreen capabilities? Let us know what you think down in the poll below and in the comments.

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