Sky Guide astronomy app for iOS gets its biggest update yet with release of Version X

The popular star-gazing app Sky Guide exclusively for iOS recently got the biggest update in its 8 year history, adding numerous new features and introducing a free entry-level version for the first time.

What’s new in Version X?

The headlining features of the new update are geared toward a more premium visual experience. Users can now toggle an Aurora effect and will experience real-time dawn, day, dusk, and night shadings of the sky within the app (Fifth Star Labs, the app’s developers, use a physics based computational process known as Atmospheric Multiple Scattering to simulate these visuals). Other new visuals include upgraded 3D constellation art, a revamped visually-oriented search UI for more intuitive browsing, and a fun new feature for Lidar-enabled devices in AR mode that scans your ceiling and allows you to shatter it with a tap for indoor stargazing.