Soulver smart calculator app for Mac adds new ‘QuickSoulver’ feature, time zone conversions, more

One of my favorite Mac apps is Soulver, which is a sort of hybrid between a calculator app and a text editor. A new update today brings Soulver for Mac to version 3.3 with new features like QuickSoulver, time zone conversions, and much more.

QuickSoulver is a new feature in Soulver that makes it easy to perform “throwaway” calculations using the app. You can access QuickSoulver in the Soulver app itself, or via the menu bar or with a global hotkey.

Here’s how the feature works:

  • Perform “throwaway” calculations in a Spotlight-like interface
  • QuickSoulver floats above other windows, so you can use it from anywhere in macOS
  • Access QuickSoulver from the menu bar (enable this in the QuickSoulver preference pane)
  • Global hotkey (set the hotkey in the QuickSoulver preference pane)