Spigen’s new iPhone 6s cases are ideal day 1 protectors, appropriately fitting thicker iPhones

A lot of iPhone owners make use of cases. They’re the simplest way to keep your device feeling and look brand-new, even if you inadvertently drop your iPhone, or keep it in a pocket or bag with other products. But when Apple launches new iPhones, it can be tough to find a case on the first day (or even week one) that’s ensured to fit, particularly if Apple makes subtle changes to the iPhone’s body.

That’s why Spigen’s new lineup of iPhone 6s casesis so appealing. Each of the 5 designs has been custom-molded with the little bit of extra area Apple’s slightly thicker iPhone 6s will need, so you can have defense ready as quickly as your iPhone shows up. Starting at under $ 11 and topping out at $ 28, they’re likewise remarkably slim and super-affordable, with a great deal of cool color and appearance choices. Our top pick? The remarkably slim, brand brand-new design Perfect Armor

… Presenting The iPhone 6s Lineup: Neo Hybrid EX, Ultra Hybrid, Perfect Armor, Neo Hybrid Carbon + Rugged Armor

Spigen’s iPhone 6s lineup includes five brand-new and revamped cases that are truly among the finest it’s ever made. The most inexpensive option is Rugged Armor ($ 10.99, above far straight), which gets updated with a two-tone hard bumper to end up being Neo Hybrid Carbon ($ 16.99, above ideal), or given 360 ° defense to end up being Perfect Armor ($ 27.99, center). If you choose a transparent back, you can pick the hard bumpered Neo Hybrid EX ($ 16.99, far left) or the soft-edged Ultra Hybrid ($ 14.99, left).

All the cases make use of specifically molded flexible plastic to fit the iPhone 6s, as well as the iPhone 6. 4 are licensed versus drops to the MIL-STD 810G-516.6 military requirement, and each surpasses Spigen’s earlier cases in both size and resilience. They’re all remarkably strong, yet thin enough to let the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 feel slender in your hand.

Perfect Armor: 360 ° Military-Grade Security, Slimmer + More Affordable Than Ever

perfectarmor-1 perfectarmor-3

Spigen has launched numerous cases in the Armor series, but Perfect Armor($ 27.99) truly earns its name. Surprisingly thin despite including both front and rear pieces, Perfect Armor has complete screen protection, a built-in video stand, and pop-open caps for the earphone and Lightning ports. It’s your finest case option if you desire iPhone 6s/6 anti-drop, anti-scratch, and anti-splash protection without adding bulk, hassle, or additional cost. Perfect Armor is available right away in black.

Rugged Armor: Military-Grade Body Protection With Carbon Fiber-Style Panels

ruggedcapsule-3 ruggedcapsule-1

Rugged Armor($ 10.99) is a simplified variation of Perfect Armor that quits security for its lower rate. Made completely from flexible TPU with glossy carbon-fiber styled panels on the back, it’s a budget plan case that looks method cooler than its price, with the exact same military basic anti-drop protection as Perfect Armor. The iPhone 6s’s buttons are secured, however the ports and screen are not. Similar to Perfect Armor, it’s thinner than you ‘d anticipate, yet has air cushions inside to keep your iPhone safe. It’s available now in black.

Neo Hybrid Carbon: Metallic Buttons + Bumper With A Carbon Fiber-Styled Body

neohybridcarbon-1 neohybridcarbon-2

Spigen’s Hybrid cases always bring two products together so fans of different cases have an option in the middle. Neo Hybrid Carbon($ 16.99) mixes the TPU and carbon fiber-styled design of Rugged Armor with one of Spigen’s signature hard plastic bumpers. You can pick from a handsome gunmetal gray, a bright Dante red, or a brilliant Reventon yellow, each with metallic silver buttons. Spigen has actually redesigned the iPhone 6s bumper from ones it was making use of for the iPhone 6, updating the frame around both port and switch holes for included durability. Military conventional anti-drop security is included in this design, too. If you’re thinking of getting Rugged Armor however want to protect more of the iPhone’s metal and curves, Neo Hybrid Carbon is a much better choice. It’s readily available today.

Neo Hybrid EX: Metallic Buttons + Bumper With A Safety, Transparent Back

neohybridex-1 neohybridex-3

iPhone purists like to display their devices, and Neo Hybrid EX($ 16.99) is their best case choice. Each variation of Neo Hybrid EX consists of an entirely clear semi-soft TPU case that flaunts the iPhone’s entire back, plus a hard plastic bumper to either accent or match the iPhone’s natural color. You can pick from champagne gold, increased gold, white, blue, or mint bumpers, each with silver metallic buttons. Despite the low price, this is a really elegant-looking and -feeling case, and like Neo Hybrid Carbon, the bumper is revamped for the iPhone 6s with included resilience. The only thing you quit is military basic anti-drop security, however you’re still far better off than with a bare iPhone. All five colors of Neo Hybrid EX are shipping today.

Ultra Hybrid: The Tri-Tone Case With A Clear Back, Colored Edges + Buttons

ultrahybrid-1 ultrahybrid-3

Spigen’s 5th iPhone 6s case is the new Ultra Hybrid($ 14.99), a streamlined option to Neo Hybrid EX. Developed with unique button protectors, each one-piece case integrates soft TPU edging with a completely clear hard plastic back. You can select from mint with metallic buttons (above), black with metallic buttons, or three tinted clear variations with matching buttons: increased crystal, clear crystal, or gray “area crystal.” Spigen has upgraded a familiar design with military conventional anti-drop defense, small anti-scuff ribs on the back corners, and button covers that feel and look fantastic. All the colors are available now.

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