Steve Jobs handwritten Apple I manuscript fails to hit reserve at auction and goes unsold

A handwritten manuscript by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs reached $28,000 at Bonham’s History of Science and Technology, Including Space History auction in New York City this afternoon, failing to meet reserve and therefore remaining unsold.

The now-beige white sheet has some pretty visible age degradation, but features Steve Jobs in full salesman mode. The sheet shows a handful of extra exclamation points over the Apple I’s 8K bytes of RAM and the “real deal” you’d be getting by shelling out just $75 to receive an Apple I board and manual.

The note, written to a longtime friend of Jobs, was initially estimated to go for $60,000, so today’s highest bid of $28,000 is a good amount lower than expected. Perhaps the typical market buyers in this niche feel saturated with so many “rare” auction pieces hitting the market.

An Apple I computer was also auctioned today directly before the handwritten note. Originally estimated to sell between $250,000 — $350,000, the unit reached $200,000 before failing to reach reserve as well, again, remaining unsold.