Steve Jobs Theater has a rotating elevator and sliding wall to reveal product demo area –Bloomberg

One of the questions about next week’s keynote is how Apple will handle the product demos after the presentation. It usually holds these in a separate room, but so far we’ve seen no sign of any space for it in the limited glimpses we’ve had of the interior of the Steve Jobs Theater …

But Bloomberg thinks it has the answer, citing a source with knowledge of the design.

Once CEO Tim Cook and his cohorts finish showing off the new iPhones, Apple Watch and TV onstage, a surprise will await the departing attendees. An inside wall, which obscures a hollow space below the floating saucer, will retract to reveal the product demonstration room.

A second detail has also been revealed. While most journalists will walk down a spiral staircase from the lobby area to the seating area, there are also two custom-made rotating elevators.

[These] turn as they ascend and descend so that passengers enter and exit by the same door even as they go in and out from different directions. So far, so Apple—the more elegant single door, with its complex engineering, preferred to the more obvious double-door solution.

One engineer claims that the leather seats in the theater cost ‘the equivalent of $14,000 apiece,’ but it’s unclear what that figure includes. The total budget for the Apple Park campus as a whole is estimated at $5B.

We’ll of course get our first proper look inside the Steve Jobs Theater when Apple officially announces the iPhone 8/Edition on Tuesday.

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