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Does the Apple TV do enough to warrant its premium price?

I’ve owned every Apple TV since the original one. I’ve also been a “cord cutter” for many years. I’m the ideal Apple TV owner in a lot of ways. I subscribe to all of Apple’s services (iCloud Storage, Apple...

Under Armour reveals MyFitnessPal data breach affecting 150 million users

Popular food and nutrition logging app MyFitnessPal, owned by Under Armour, has suffered a massive data breach. The company announced today that an estimated 150 million have been affected by the breach and may have had their data compromised… Under...

Tesla Launches Supercharger-Inspired Powerbank For iOS, Android Using Same Battery Tech...

Tesla, which is owned by serial entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk, may be predominantly known as an innovative electric vehicle company which produces the stunning Model S and more recently introduced the stunning new Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi, but...