The best portable Apple Watch power banks to use while traveling

The Apple Watch has pretty reliable all-day battery life most of the time. In certain use cases, however, you might need to give it another boost – such as if you’re traveling or doing a lengthy LTE workout. Read on as we roundup our favorite Apple Watch power bank accessories.

Why use an Apple Watch power bank?

Personally, I find the best reason to own an Apple Watch power bank is for traveling. The Apple Watch’s magnetic charging puck can be a a bit of a pain to use while on the road, especially if you’re only traveling for a few days and don’t need to bring your full array of cables and charging blocks.

Of course, you can always charge your Apple Watch using a normal portable battery, but those solutions require you to supply your own Apple Watch charging cable. Apple Watch power banks generally integrate an Apple Watch charging – including all of the ones mentioned below.

Choice #1 – Ugreen

apple watch power bank

My personal pick for an Apple Watch power packs comes from Ugreen. Its Portable Travel Power Bank packs a 2,200mAh rechargeable battery that comes with an integrated Apple Watch charging puck. The Ugreen Portable Travel is MFi certified and includes a USB-A port that allows you to quickly charge your iPhone and other devices.

The 2,200mAh battery is enough to get you 3-4 full Apple Watch charges, which is perfect for weekend travel. It packs a nice combination of power and form factor, coming in at just 16mm thick and 5.29 ounces heavy. The one downside is that you have to recharge the Ugreen with a microUSB cable, though one is included in the box and that’s a common annoyance with all of these chargers. Read our full review of the Ugreen here.

The Ugreen Portable Travel Power Bank is available for $53.95 on Amazon. At one point, Ugreen sold a more powerful charging solution with an integrated Lightning cable, but that is seemingly no longer available. We’ll update if it returns.

Choice #2 – Griffin