The best space themed wallpapers to show off your new MacBook Pro’s XDR display

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro‘s are now out and in the hands of consumers. And what better way to make your new laptop your own than finding a wallpaper. We have a collection of space and rocket launch images that will serve as a perfect MacBook Pro wallpaper to show of its new XDR display!

We’ve rounded up some great NASA images, as well as some images from Space Explored photographers that will fit right in on your new MacBook. Some of these dark NASA images will do a great job helping the notch blend into the device.

To download these images, which have been sized for the display on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, be sure to click on the images to maximize their size before right-clicking and saving the images.

NASA MacBook Pro wallpapers from space

NASA regularly releases beautiful public-domain images for the world to enjoy. These images from the International Space Station showcase the stunning view of Earth from space. You can check out more of NASA’s images on the NASA website.