The best upright Qi charging stands for iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are the first iPhone models to adopt wireless charging with support for the Qi standard. By supporting Qi chargers, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X can be charged with a multitude of wireless chargers on the market, including wireless charging stands…

One niche within the wireless charging accessory market is upright stands. While many people think of Qi chargers as mats or pads, upright chargers are actually one of the best options as they take up less space and make Face ID much more practical.

For iPhone X owners, a Qi-enabled charging stand makes Face ID much easier to use. I opt for a wireless charging stand on my desk, which means I can essentially tap my iPhone X’s display to turn it on, then because the device is angled upwards, Face ID automatically unlocks, showing my notifications and more.

Seneo 10W charger

One of the top options on the market, and Amazon’s best seller, is the Seneo 10W charger. Seneo’s 10W wireless charging stand features a secure design with a story base and wide stand for your device. It is powered via microUSB, which means you can use it with a traditional wall adapter or plug it directly into your Mac.

Seneo’s charger is available for $19.89 on Amazon with a 4.5/5 star rating from over 2,500 reviews.

Anker PowerPort

Respected accessory maker Anker offers its own wireless charging stand in the form of the PowerPort Stand. With Qi certification, you get MicroUSB power and 5W of power. Note that charging speeds will be slightly slower here because of the lack of 7.5W fast charging support, though that difference is generally negligible.

Anker’s PowerPort is available for $21.99 on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating from shoppers.

Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Stand

Interestingly, one of the best wireless charging stands actually comes from Samsung. What’s best about Samsung’s charger is that it features a wide back that ensures your iPhone won’t get knocked off the stand as easily. It, too, charges via MicroUSB, through you don’t get fast charging support.

Samsung’s Qi charging stand runs $39.99 on Amazon.

Nomad Wireless Travel Stand

One of the more versatile, and pricey, options is the Nomad Wireless Travel Stand. I personally use this one on my nightstand because of its sleek design and versatile design, meaning it can act as either a stand or a pad. The biggest downside here is that it is powered by a proprietary cable and wall adapter.

The Nomad Wireless Travel Stand runs $59.95. Stay tuned for our full review of this model.


Just this week, Case-Mate introduced its new Power Pad wireless charger with convertible stand. This stand can work with your device in portrait or landscape, while you can also detach the stand part to use as a charging pad.

The Case-Mate Power Pad is available for $46.48 on Amazon.

FSLabs Wireless Desktop Charger

With a bamboo design, the FSLabs wireless charger is one of the more intriguing options on the market. It features a wood design that fits nicely with Apple’s own design choices and products.

The FSLabs charger is available for $18.49 on Amazon.

Other options

While those are some of our favorite wireless charging stands for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, a few other options exist that are worth mentioning. Here they are:

Using an upright wireless charging stand for iPhone 8 and especially iPhone X can be incredibly useful. With perfect angling for Face ID, it’s a more practical solution for iPhone X users. Furthermore, it takes up less space on your desk.

Do you use an upright wireless charging stand or a flat pad/mat? Let us know down in the comments!

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