‘The Bumper’ Testimonial: Apple Watch Instance Provides Ample Security but Some Mass

While asking for stands of different layouts have confirmed to be popular devices for Apple Watch users, a maybe minimal well-known category of devices focuses on protecting the Apple Watch while wearing it.

Among these devices is Actionproof’s “The Bumper,” a tight-fitting silicone sleeve that promises to protect your new Apple wearable from all the trips and spills made in day-to-day life. The Bumper might additionally give some defense in extreme environments, with the bumper itself offering strong resistance to UV radiation, ozone, outdoor direct exposure, severe cold (minimal -40 ° C )and very hot (optimal 120 ° C) temperatures, and fundamental chemical and scrape contenders.


The great point regarding The Bumper is that it does exactly what it establishes out to do. When put securely around the 42mm Apple Watch situation, The Bumper does not relocate or jostle throughout the day. It’s a best fit for the wearable, with intermediaries for the Digital Crown, microphone, speaker, and heart price sensing unit. One of the only protective instances to cover the Digital Crown, The Bumper doings this with a bracketed piece of silicone that bisects over the Crown, leaving a clearance for your hands to adjust and scroll the knob no matter which wrist and orientation the watch is endured.

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The little item covering the Digital Crown makes it so pressing on the switch is still workable, though not as easy as without The Bumper. And although a couple of telephone call had over the Watch with The Bumper went efficiently, I felt my Apple Watch needed a better positioning to my face than typical to both listen to the discussion and offer adequate speaking volume for the person to which I was speaking. They, on the other hand, commentated no recognizable dip in top quality or quantity throughout the telephone call.

Although I bewared to put my own personal Apple Watch with any sort of sort of arduous decline testing, a few declines from waistline elevation to a wood floor supported The Bumper’s fundamental shock-absorbing claims. It ought to additionally be noted that The Bumper does not directly safeguard the Apple Watch screen, though a slight raised indention on the front of the case will allow the Watch to be put on its face without coming into contact with a surface, and should in general lessen the danger of direct damages to the sapphire crystal or Ion-X glass display.

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To test some of Actionproof’s more heavy-use claims, I exercised with The Bumper a couple of times to view exactly how the silicone case felt on my wrist inned comparison to the fundamental Apple Watch sans instance. The Bumper itself was mainly undetected when moving available over lengthy periods of time, yet I did observe my Watch moving a lot more openly around my wrist due to the mix of raised sweat and a larger, top-heavy Apple Watch many thanks to the rubberized instance.

Or else, the situation really did not conflict with any standard features of the Apple Watch in an exercise session. The heart rate sensing unit measured my heart defeated constantly throughout both standard resistance exercises and a couple of 3-mile outdoor and interior runs. Although it seemed like the Watch moved a bit much more often on my wrist as a result of the additional mass, the results of the handful of workouts really did not seem to show any kind of spurious gains in actions counted or calories shed. Therefore, anybody curious about the added cushioning of The Bumper could feel confident that it doesn’t disrupt any of the standard activity tracking abilities of the Apple Watch.

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Unfortunately, where The Bumper begins to shed ground to the ease-of-mind rewards it gives in fundamental security remains in small, less noticeable minutes you could not feel that of throughout the day. As an example, many thanks to the small increase in both width and elevation, I found obtaining dressed with my Apple Watch on noticeably even more difficult, with both short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirts snagging on The Bumper’s rubberized external finishing.

The basic replacement of the situation could be a complicated task, also, thanks to the Apple Watch’s small dimension. Also with The Bumper only offered for the bigger 42mm Apple Watch, the process of wrapping The Bumper around your Apple Watch will certainly force more direct hand and finger nail get in touch with to the wearable compared to some might be comfy with. Although that’s countered by the fact that The Bumper ultimately offers even more protection in when set up, some users could not find that the case’s positives exceed its negatives to run the risk of the procedure in the first location.

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Another reason for problem is in the band elimination process when The Bumper is positioned on the Watch. The back of the situation has 2 small nubs representing the Apple Watch’s band removal buttons, two interactive toggles that are small to start with which The Bumper’s brought in layer of silicone does nothing to alleviate. Greater than a couple of times I worried that the necessary tension should press down on the silicone case and turn on the lock buttons would certainly somehow damage my Watch. It never did, certainly, however compared to the primarily slick and pain-free procedure of typical band elimination, it was a noticeable step backward.

Naturally, possibly the largest caution in operation Actionproof’s The Bumper is one of the most obvious: some might see it as a little bit unpleasant, and break the clean aesthetic that Apple is trying for with its wearable. Concealing your Apple Watch’s stainless steel or aluminum surface, The Bumper makes the Apple Watch attract attention for its bulk however not always conveniently recognizable to a layperson as an Apple Watch, which can be either a positive or unfavorable depending upon the user. The situation, specifically the black, includes significant graphics size to the Apple Watch, which started to look extremely big on my normal-sized wrist (I use the M/L sport band at the second-to-most limited setting).

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Actionproof just markets The Bumper in three colors – black, white, and orange – so not every sport band will certainly have an accompanying color to assimilate with, and in my encounter the very best combination of the situation and band has actually been white-on-white. With simply a white and blue sporting activity band to my name, I can not talk with The Bumper’s aesthetic appeal with any of the higher-end Watch bands, however viewing as Actionproof is branding The Bumper with a sports-like side on its internet site, it’s possibly not a product implied to be worn with the Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet to begin with.

Base Line

Ultimately, The Bumper’s efficiency in security versus added bulk will vary significantly from one person to another, as any type of conventional case finishes with mobile phones. It gives solid security to the Apple Watch, however at a cost of a few of the new device’s great lookouts and smooth features, some may not agree to make those tradeoffs.

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If you operate in a much more intense, exterior environment or engage in high-intensity sports, The Bumper’s $$ 35 price and slight bulk are most likely small hassles to spend for ease-of-mind. For those individuals, given the inceptive market of Apple Watch protective instances, The Bumper is a solid choice. Yet those even more concerned in flaunting the great lookouts of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport– and much less concerned regarding little spills and bumps their device might bring the method– probably will not find much usage in Actionproof’s defensive rubber situation.

Ways to Get

The Bumper, which is just readily available for the 42mm Apple Watch, could be pre-ordered from the Actionproof web site for $$ 35 with an existing delivery estimate of June 30.

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