The Difference In between Steve Jobs And Bill Gates, According To Steve Wozniak

Apple and Microsoft share a much bigger piece of history, be it the long standing rivalry between the 2, or flirtations with collaborations. Where Steve Jobs was called the visionary behind Apple’s success, Expense Gates’ success was owed to a more practical strategy to an empire structure. For the very first time, Steve Wozniak goes on record to inform us what it was that differentiated the two icons from each other.

Wozniak co-founded Apple with Jobs, and was the technical brilliant responsible for equating Jobs’ visionary ideas into truth by applying his, well, technical proficiency. During the early years, with Wozniak being by Jobs’ side, he not just got to understand the guy behind Apple, however Costs Gates also on account of being a rival.


In an interview to the National Geographic for their TV show American Genius, Wozniak shed some light on the distinction in between the two business owners. As a few of you may have already guessed, Jobs was more inclined to jump ahead of time, and according to Wozniak he had “a very futuristic forward vision.”

So much so that it was borderline sci-fi sometimes. Gates on the other hand, as Wozniak puts it: “hadvertisement more of an execution capability to build the things that are needed now, to develop a company now, make the earnings now, in the short-term.” This, he further explained, “was the greatest distinction in between them.”

Obviously, Gates was more apt at understanding ways to earn money out of business, which was to buy items that are needed now as Wozniak explained previously, in spite of Jobs being viewed as a renowned visionary, one that ares more renowned than Gates. You truly need the vision like Steve Jobs had, however the vision does not go anywhere if you attempt to jump in and construct products prior to they are cost effective for what they do, return on investment is there,” said Wozniak.


To include an example, Wozniak discussed that by the time Apple had constructed the Macintosh, the world market for desktop computing had actually grown tremendously, however Apple did not flow with that trend. He described that “It was throughout the time of the Macintosh that the world market grew 10 times and Apple did not rise with it.” That was then, right now the Cupertino giant is actually swimming in a pool of earnings and Microsoft is, well, Microsoft.

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