The first app to find your missing AirPod(s) arrives…do yours fall out? [Poll]

As AirPods continue to ship, more eager customers have been able to use Apple’s latest hot accessory. If you’ve given AirPods a try we want to hear how they fit and if they fall out or stay in your ears. This week we’ve also seen the first app released to help you locate your missing AirPod(s).

A new app called ‘Finder for AirPods’ priced at $3.99 has become the first tool to help you find your missing AirPod(s). As of this writing it has 4.5/5 stars in the app store. The app gives you the ability to locate even individual AirPods with a clean UI.

Because the app utilizes the the wireless signature of your AirPods to pin them down, you’ll need to be in decent proximity to them. It seems this app will be most helpful for misplacing your AirPods indoors.

Out of the mostly positive reviews, users shared success finding AirPods lost in beds and around the house with good accuracy. A couple negative reviews shared experiences of poor accuracy. Your results could vary depending on your environment and potential interference. But for $3.99 compared to a $69 replacement through Apple, this app could be worth a shot.

One frustrating way to misplace your AirPods is if they just fall out. While many people are finding them to be a solid fit (myself included) that’s definitely not everyone’s experience. Apple’s AirPods sport a lot of great features and some impressive tech in such a small package. And even though many people who are holding out are doing so because of price, the $159 cost in line with the competition.

However, like Jordan shared today, “if they don’t fit, the rest doesn’t matter.” Here at 9to5 we’ve had mixed experiences and it seems it comes down to how close you are to having ‘average’ size ears. Here are two examples from Seth and Greg:

In my own experience, AirPods stay mostly snug except during exercise. My left ear is bigger than my right, so the left usually falls out sooner. I’ve been using EarBuddyz to keep them firmly in place. Even though it’s an extra step, the comfort, sound improvement, and function has been worth it.

Spigen also has the AirPods Strap to supposedly prevent the loss of your investment, although I’m not sure if the weight of strap would create more tug on your AirPods.

As Jordan reported after his extensive testing, he named AirPods the top cord-free earphones and the Samsung Gear IconX the runner-up if AirPods don’t fit or stay in your ears. Whatever experience you’ve had, please share with our poll below!

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