The iPhone 6s has a smaller battery ability, however very same battery life as iPhone 6, according to Apple

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Apple didn’t discuss the brand-new iPhone 6s battery life as part of the keynote and there may be a reason for that. In the promo video, Apple reveals a shot of the iPhone 6s internals. As it occurs, this render is exceptionally in-depth and you can in fact construct out the battery specs engraved onto the battery. Its rated at 1715mAh, which is below the 1810mAH packed into the previous iPhone 6.

It appears that Apple has actually needed to shrink the battery making area for brand-new functions like the 3D Touch screen and the Taptic Engine. Nevertheless, according to Apple’s technical specifications, it should not make a distinction. The battery life approximates for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 equal …

… From Apple’s Tech Specs pages:

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iPhone 6s has up to 14 hours of 3G talk time, 10 hours of data usage on 3G, 10 hours on LTE, 11 hours on WiFi and 10 days of standby. These are the exact same numbers quoted for the iPhone 6.

You might wonder how this is possible if the battery actually diminished. Apple might be taking some innovative license in its estimates, however exactly what has actually likely occurred is that the A9 chip and other parts within the phone have actually ended up being more effective, less wasteful, such that overall power usage of the phone is lower. Hence, Apple can deliver the iPhone 6s with a smaller sized battery however continue providing the same power and battery statistics as the iPhone 6.

People wanting longer battery life on iPhones will certainly need to keep waiting but it is great that in spite of the smaller capacity battery, Apple thinks customers ought to not see a difference in battery longevity. We’ll have to see if that plays out in reality, when the iPhone 6s is offered to buy on September 25th.

We would expect that the iPhone 6s Plus also has a smaller sized battery capability to mirror the change in the iPhone 6 but Apple’s video does not portray that device’s battery so we cannot be particular right now.

You can see the photos of the new battery in the iPhone 6s video, around the 2:50 mark:


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