The new $399 iPhone SE is now available to order

As announced earlier this week, you can order the new iPhone SE today (Apple, Best Buy) with deliveries starting next week. Available in black, white and red color options, the 2020 second-generation iPhone SE starts at $399 for a 64 GB model. The 128 GB option is available for $50 more, and the biggest-capacity 256 GB model costs $549.

The new iPhone SE features an iPhone 8 industrial design but features the latest A13 chip and an iPhone XR-quality rear camera. Looking like an iPhone 8 means that the SE features a 4.7-inch display, a physical Touch ID home button and sizeable chin and forehead front bezels. But at $399, the phone represents very good value for money.

On the battery life side, the iPhone SE is rated for the exact same 13 hours of video playback as the iPhone 8, iPhone X and last-generation iPhone SE. Whilst this should be fine for normal everyday routines, if you want the best battery life in an iPhone, you should look at Apple’s more expensive models. The iPhone SE comes with a 5 watt power adapter in the box, but supports fast charging. To take advantage of fast charging, you will need to buy a 18W power brick, or invest in a Qi charging pad.

If you were looking for a small phone with the latest processor and GPU, then the iPhone SE is the best choice for you that Apple offers. Until this week, Apple sold the iPhone 8 at $449 new. The iPhone SE is better than that iPhone 8 in every way and is priced $50 less, with the exception of the removal of 3D Touch. Just like Apple’s high-end iPhone 11 series, the iPhone SE has dropped the 3D pressure-sensing technology.