Third Street Promenade and Alderwood Apple stores reopen with Today at Apple upgrades

Two Apple retail stores returned to the Pacific coast today. Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California and Apple Alderwood in Lynnwood, Washington both reopened with reimagined designs. The openings come just hours before Apple will unveil its newest flagship location in Paris which houses a towering Forum on the historic Champs-Élysées.

Apple Third Street Promenade

“For all the imagination under the sun,” reads the slogan Apple chose to promote the expanded capacity for Today at Apple sessions along the Santa Monica Pier. Like its smaller architectural twin in Palo Alto, Apple Third Street Promenade is one of many classic stores across the globe to receive a Forum and Video Wall this year. Over 70 stores worldwide will be granted similar upgrades next year.

Unlike smaller indoor mall stores, Third Street Promenade also received new Avenue displays, graphic panels, and dual living walls in place of previous inset product tables. A private Boardroom has been added. These new fixtures, combined with a set of six indoor trees nestled around the Forum seating to create a Genius Grove, make the remodeled space feel more welcoming even if you aren’t attending a Today at Apple session.