This App Turns Your iPhone Into A VHS Camcorder

Nowadays all of the interest in the mobile video sector is on cramming increasingly more pixels into exactly what can be recorded. While 1080p HD video is the norm on smartphones, and some are even efficient in taping in Ultra HD, it’s debatable whether all this additional information truly makes the content any much better.

Take videos recorded twenty years back as an example. Back when we recorded on VHS, the content was the star, primarily since the technology simply had not been capable of standing out instead. Wouldn’t it be excellent if we could recapture a few of that fond memories by recreating the most memorable characteristics of the VHS days? We are, of course, talking about the dreadful video quality.


The aptly called VHS Camcorder intends to do just that, and it’s offered to download from the App Store right now. It’s not complimentary, and at $ 3.99, it’s possibly a little costly for something that essentially ruins your videos, but can you truly put a price on fond memories?


An app that you can use to tape-record your house videos, VHS Camcorder includes all the obvious VHS-like qualities that you would get out of something recorded Twenty Years ago, and it even makes the audio sound horrible to match. In truth, the app can even include the date and timestamp to the video similar to old camcorders utilized to do, and you can change that stamp should you want to make it look like you’re taping in the past. A check out the settings for the app likewise shows that you can pick to record in black and white for that added 20th-century impact.


While it might not be for everybody, VHS Camcorder will be an excellent addition to some individuals’s video recording app collection. You’re not going to be utilizing it to upload your next YouTube work of art, but if you wish to recapture the magic of taping home movies from the camcorder days, then this is probably $ 4 well spent.

(Download: VHS Camcorder for iOS on the App Store)

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