This Do It Yourself Kit Can Transform Apple Watch Into Gold Edition For $100 [Video]

When Apple announced that it would be offering a solid gold version of the Apple Watch, specifically the Apple Watch Edition, the majority of us believed that while it was all well and excellent for the 1 %, it was never ever going to be of any use to the rest of us. And sure enough, that’s certainly the case.

Considering that then we have actually learned of business that will let you ship them your Apple Watch for gold plating, however even that is going to cost around $ 400 on top of the cost of the device itself.

But what if we told you that you could gold plate your own Apple Watch which it would cost simply $ 100?


That’s exactly what you can do thanks to a Kickstarter job that provides to bring a Do It Yourself approach of 24-karat gold plating to the house. Most notably? It will only cost $ 100 to do.

Called the imaginatively called Midas Touch Job, the Kickstarter offers a step-by-step kit that will permit Apple Watch owners to gold plate their device for simply $ 100, with the rate increasing to an affordable $ 150 must there be a metal strap included also. Thinking about the prices involved with sending a watch off to be professionally plated, these prices are incredible.


Of course, we wouldn’t want to state that the completed article will certainly be rather as good as a gold plated Apple Watch coming out of an expert establishment, however if you have a steady hand and a steel Apple Watch to hand – – the project only caters for the Apple Watch right now, though a version for the Apple Watch Sport may be on its method – – then you might most likely do even worse than to provide this a whirl.

There are advantages to this concept too. When the gold undoubtedly begins to diminish it needs to be quickly repaired simply the exact same way you did the initial plating, and if you decide to do away with it entirely the gold plating can be removed quickly enough so long as you have an abrasive polish. Perfect for service warranty claims!

Here’s a video showing off how the entire thing works. It’s pretty brilliant we need to say.

The Kickstarter is expected to deliver to backers come this August.

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