This iOS App Lets You Watch YouTube Videos Together With Your Pals Online

WeMesh, a free download for iOS devices, enables family and friends to watch the same vidoes simultaneously while discussing them too. Seems like something which should’ve been made prior to right? We agree.

Watching videos, be they movies or home video of your children playing, utilized to be a communal experience with families relaxed the tv. Nowadays though, we’re all looking at our tablets and smartphones, cut off from the world around us. WeMesh is wishing to attempt and recapture a few of the magic of seeing videos with loved ones while also making the most of modern-day technologies, consisting of those smartphones and tablets.


Offered on the App Store and invented by a couple of doctors in Canada, WeMesh is an app that streams video to multiple devices while keeping it perfectly integrated. Beyond merely streaming the video however, WeMesh also enables watchers of the video to interact with each other via either text-based chat or voice, all without ever needing to leave the comfort of the app.

Today WeMesh supports YouTube, but the strategy is to bring other sources of video into the app such as Dailymotion, Vimeo and Facebook. Eventually, WeMesh also wishes to have the ability to take videos off of your very own device and distribute it to your good friends for seeing. The idea is to make it possible for family and friends to watch video and talk to each other while they do it, just as they made use of to when they were in the exact same room.


If the name WeMesh rings any bells it’s because it has actually been available on the App Store for a few months now, but it has just now started to develop into the app that its developers set out for. With brand-new functions and added sources of video still to come, WeMesh has the possible to change how we watch and talk about online material together.

WeMesh is a free download and can be found on the App Store today.

(Download: WeMesh for iPhone on the App Store)

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