This Knockoff iPad Air 2 Looks Legit, Runs Android And Windows 8.1 Side-By-Side

Apple’s iPad is credited with creating the modern-day tablet market as we understand it. Having actually arised back in 2010 – – yes, it has been only 5 years considering that the first iPad was announced – – it has progressed right into the current joy that is the iPad Air 2, and as with a lot of Apple’s other terrific exports, it has actually been copied and ripped off with each new revision. As the iPad has boosted, however, so have the device knockoff makers, and a new iPad Air clone offers excellent specs, gorgeous design and Retina-res display for an astonishing $ 177.

Such prices are unprecedented as for Apple hardware is concerned, and the only Cupertino device you would certainly obtain for that sort of cash is the Apple TV. However if you want to waive that it does not operate on iOS and is, of training course, a quite blatant swindle of the Mac mold’s well known slate, then perhaps Onda’s V919 3G Air will certainly attract you.

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Like a number of Chinese firms replicating Apple products, Onda isn’t attempting to slide under the radar with its own take on the “”Air”, and as you could view, it looks specifically like the market-leading piece.

The V919 boasts a 9.7-inch display screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, much like the iPad Air 2, and together with the 64GB of on-board storage space, you can additionally slot in a more 64GB by ways of the microSD slot.

You get 3G connection immediately, and for sub-$ 200, it looks an on-paper victor. As aforementioned, it runs Android, and here comes the enjoyable part; it could also boot into Windows 8.1. That’s right. Windows 8.1. Let that sink in for a moment.

Onda’s own web site asserts that Windows and Android could be run side-by-side and you could flint between the 2 OSes in a breeze, however regardless, the $ 177 slate looks an actual deal compared to the actual iPad Air. The second-gen iPad Air is $ 499 at beginning, not to discuss the fact that you have to bet hundreds much more for that added storage space, therefore if you want a tablet computer with flexibility and a sharp display too, then this is one iPad knockoff that could in fact lure you.








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