Tips and tricks on switching and closing out apps on iPhone X

Whether you’ve just gotten an iPhone X or have had one since launch, there are a couple of ways to improve your gesture habits for a smoother experience. Follow along for some tips and tricks on switching and closing out apps on iPhone X.

The biggest difference between the iPhone X and all other iPhone models is the swipe gestures that are used across iOS. When it comes to switching and closing out apps, there are a few different ways to do things. While a swipe up and gesture to the right is common, that’s not the only way to pull up the multitasker.

  1. When in an app, swipe left and right to at the bottom of the screen (near the Home indicator) to switch apps without pulling up the multitasker
  2. To switch to apps that haven’t been more recently used, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold briefly, let go when you feel the tactile feedback (tip: you don’t need to swipe up very far at all to invoke the multitasker)
  3. Swipe to find the app you’re looking for
  4. Don’t forget you can invoke the multiasker from the Home screen as well as from in apps

Images 1 & 2 show switching quickly from within an app, image 3 shows efficient gesture to invoke multitasker, image 4 inefficient gesture

  1. Just like mentioned before, you can become more efficient with pulling up iOS’ multitasker on iPhone X by just swiping up just an inch or so
  2. You don’t need to close apps often, as iOS manages multitasking really well, but if you do there are two ways to do it
  3. After invoking the multitasker, press and hold on an app, once you see the  you can swipe up to close out apps, alternatively you can tap the  icon
  4. For a smooth gesture, you can can move directly from the tap and hold to pull up the close status with your upward swipe

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