TrackR Bravo Testimonial: Hands-On With a Coin-Sized Bluetooth Tracker for Lost Items

Introduced as an Indiegogo project in the center of in 2014, the TrackR Bravo is a follow up item to the StickR TrackR, a tiny coin-sized Bluetooth-enabled device created to affix to valuable things so they could be situated making use of the TrackR app.

As of today, the TrackR Bravo, which is smaller sized and lighter compared to the company’s previous-generation items, has begun shipping to clients. Like the initial TrackR products, the TrackR Bravo connects to products and provides out alerts by means of an iPhone app when a thing is misplaced, preventing tricks, video cameras, and other tiny objects from being lost.

Ahead of the product’s launch, TrackR sent MacRumors a TrackR Bravo to review, so keep reading to see just how it works and exactly what we assumed of it.


The TrackR Bravo is a little bigger compared to a quarter, and roughly as large as two quarters piled on top of each various other.

It is circular in shape, with a little loop at the top that permits it to be affixed to a keyring for attaching to secrets, pet collars, and more.

It has a vibrant anodized aluminum real estate, and it’s tiny sufficient to suit comfortably in a purse, purse, or video camera bag.

How it Works

The TrackR Bravo has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, with a 100 foot range. It functions in conjunction with the TrackR app, which could be downloaded totally free from the App Store.

After signing up for a TrackR account within the application, the TrackR Bravo can be switched on by selecting “Bring in a New Device” and pushing the Bluetooth activation button on the TrackR. The app supports 10 different TrackR Bravo devices, so numerous products can be tracked at the exact same time.

To regularly track devices, the TrackR app calls for the iPhone’s Bluetooth to be switched on and the application to be running in the background.

Within the application, there’s a map that presents where the TrackR Bravo lies, a distance array that lets you recognize exactly how much away the product is, and a button that turns on a noise to assist you find the item. The sound isn’t very loud, so you will should be fairly close to the TrackR to hear it. You could not hear it a couple of rooms away, for instance, but it will certainly be audible when in the very same room.

If you tap the switch on the TrackR Bravo itself, it will play a noise within the application, which could also assist locate a lost phone. When utilizing this attribute, it often took a number of presses to obtain the noise to turn on, yet it did function accurately.

The TrackR Bravo is intended to have a 100 foot wide range, but we found that the available variety was considerably less than that. It does reveal the previously known place of an item though, and when the iPhone obtains close sufficient to the TrackR, it will certainly grab the Bluetooth signal again.

For instance, with the iPhone in a bedroom and the TrackR Bravo in a living-room approximately 40 feet away, signal in between both devices was shed so a sound was incapable to be played. We had to approach the living-room once again for the iPhone to attach once again, so when searching for a shed TrackR product within a big property, you will still need to do a fair bit of roaming.

At times, it additionally took awhile for the several devices to match back up when a link was damaged, making it take longer to find lost items. There were also circumstances when it rejected to re-pair all together until we left the app and resumed it with the TrackR nearby.

The firm markets a Group GPS network that’s developed that can help you find items that run out Bluetooth range by utilizing the iPhones of various other people which additionally have the TrackR application set up, but we were unable to check this attribute as nobody with the TrackR application walked near our “shed” TrackR Bravo.

There are settings within the app to turn on notifies for when the TrackR Bravo and the iPhone become separated. This will trigger the TrackR’s noise to go off when you walk away and it could also set off an alert noise on the phone. This is possibly one of one of the most useful attributes of the TrackR, since it could be used to make sure you do not leave our home without an important thing or forget an item at a restaurant.

WiFi Safe Zones can be established so you do not obtain alarms when your phone is linked to home WiFi, and the TrackR Bravo is also able to incorporate with the Nest thermostat to regulate device signals when in the house.

The TrackR Bravo has a one year battery life with a changeable CR1616 electric battery. It is water immune, but there’s an alternative to purchase an accessory pack for a waterproof room.

Who’s It For?

If you often lose tiny items like keys and wallets within your house, the TrackR Bravo might be a helpful tool. It’s also potentially useful to avoid you from leaving valuable products behind when leaving a restaurant or various other area, because of the alarms that go off when a Bluetooth connection is lost.

The wide range on the TrackR Bravo is short, so it can not be utilized like some GPS-enabled trackers that assist you watch on points like baggage over lengthy ranges, yet it agrees with for use within a house.


  • Fits anywhere
  • Application is simple to utilize


  • Brief range
  • Audio isn’t really loud sufficient
  • Bluetooth connection unstable at times


The TrackR Bravo functions with the iPhone 4s and later and the third-generation iPad and later.

Just how to Acquire

The TrackR Bravo can be bought from the TrackR website for $$ 29.99.

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