TwelveSouth launches ‘ActionSleeve’ as first upper-arm Apple Watch strap, claims improved heart rate tracking

This week at CES, Apple accessory maker TwelveSouth is launching a new armband product that is one of the first upper-arm straps we’ve seen for Apple Watch.

Much like similar products for iPhones and iPods that some prefer to hold their device during physical activity, the ActionSleeve Armband allows you to attach Apple Watch to your upper-arm or bicep. The company notes that “sports like Kickboxing, Weightlifting and CrossFit often require protective sports gear and full wrist mobility that can rule out the use of Apple Watch on the wrist.”

But in addition to being able to use Apple Watch when wearing a watch might not be ideal, the company claims the strap can actually improve the Apple Watch’s performance too…

Not only is the Apple Watch fully functionality while attached to your arm inside ActionSleeve, including the Watch’s button, Digital Crown, and touch screen, TwelveSouth says that the strap allows for more consistent skin contact than a traditional watch strap, which means improved heart rate monitoring:

ActionSleeve can actually improve Apple Watch’s heart rate tracking. How? When you flex your wrist or your watch band isn’t tight enough, it can cause inconsistent readings or drop outs. ActionSleeve holds Apple Watch tightly and securely to your upper arm – delivering more consistent skin contact and more accurate heart rate tracking. If you’re serious about training or you’ve had trouble with the Apple Watch heart rate monitor in the past, ActionSleeve might just be the ticker-counting ticket you’re looking for.

The ActionSleeve also has a built-in outer silicone bumper case to protect the watch during exercise or other strenuous activity.

TwelveSouth is selling the ActionSleeve Armband for $29 in black and red with one size available for 38mm Apple Watches and two size options available for 42mm models.

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