TwelveSouth’s AirFly Pro wireless headphone jack adapter now available at Apple Stores

TwelveSouth today announced that its AirFly Pro Bluetooth adapter dongle, the latest addition to its range of AirFly accessories, is stocked at Apple Stores worldwide. AirFly lets you connect any 3.5mm headphone jack to a Bluetooth headphones like AirPods. New to the AirFly Pro is the ability to also transmit in the other direction …

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The AirFly was originally positioned as a way to connect AirPods to the in-flight entertainment systems on airplanes; plug the AirFly into the headphone jack and you can connect the AirPods to the AirFly transmitter.

The AirFly is useful in any situation where a media device does not support Bluetooth connectivity; gym televisions, the Nintendo Switch console, to name a few.

Over time, TwelveSouth have expanded the feature set. The AirFly Pro can connect to two sets of headphones and send audio to both simultaneously, similar to iOS 13 Audio Sharing but enabled for any headphone jack and is compatible with any headphone model. This is also available on the AirFly Duo.