Twitch for iOS adds support for subscribing to streamers, but with an added cost

The Twitch app for iOS has added support for subscribing to streamers, but with a catch. What costs you $5 through the Twitch website and other platforms will cost you an extra $1 through the iOS app.

As Twitch details in a blog post, you can now purchase “iOS Sub Tokens” for $5.99 each, which can then be redeemed for a one-month Tier 1 subscription. Through Twitch’s website and other platforms, that same token costs $5. The company says this is to ensure creators earn a similar revenue from subscriptions regardless of the platform:

Creators get paid a share of the iOS subscription, just as they do for subscriptions purchased on other platforms. To ensure streamers earn a similar revenue from Subs regardless of platform, tokens cost $5.99 to account for mobile app store fees.

Tier 1 subscriptions on Twitch get you things like sub badges, subscriber emotes, ad-free viewing, sub-only chat, and more. You can buy up to 12 tokens at the same time, but as The Verge notes, it’s unclear whether you can buy Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscriptions with the tokens:

You can buy up to 12 tokens at one time. It’s not clear whether you can buy Tier 2 or 3 subs with them. Although, if they work like regular money, you should be able to? We have not tested this yet, and Twitch’s blog post on the subject did not raise the issue.

Twitch is celebrating the launch by letting you buy 2 Sub Tokens for $8.99 through the iOS app. That offers runs through October 31st. Twitch came to Apple TV earlier this month, while the iOS app was also recently updated with a refreshed look. You can download it on the App Store for free.

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