Twitter testing new pop-up design for quickly viewing profile details on iOS

Twitter announced today that it is testing a new way to quickly preview profiles in its iOS app. With this change, you can now get a quick glimpse at another user’s profile without having to fully visit their account page.

Currently, when you tap on someone’s @ handle in a tweet, you’ll be taken directly to the person’s Twitter profile. This pulls you out of what you were reading and makes it easy to fall down an unrelated rabbit hole.

With this change, when you tap on another users’ handle, you’ll see a slick pop-up menu. Here, you can view the user’s bio, profile picture, and more, as well as instantly follow them. There’s also a button to quickly jump to the person’s full profile.

Once you’re done with the pop-up card, you simply swipe down and return to where you were on your timeline.

We’re testing an easier way to check out profiles on iOS without leaving your timeline! Simply tap any @ handle in a Tweet, take a peek, follow, and get right back to it. Let us know what you think!

Twitter says it’s currently in the process of testing this new design, so it’s unclear when it might be available to everyone. Personally, I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later. This feature should make it easier to quickly view profile details while reading through a long thread. Ideally, it will also help prevent from getting completely sidetracked while navigating a complex thread.

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