Ultimate Ears brings Amazon Alexa to its speaker lineup w/ new Blast & Megablast

Available for pre-order today, Ultimate Ears is bringing Amazon’s Alexa to its product roster with a new speaker lineup. Introducing the Blast and Megablast, the portable speakers incorporate Alexa to bring the virtual assistant wherever your music goes. Drawing on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless options, the speakers are set to work in whatever environment music players find themselves in.

Fans of Ultimate Ears’ Boom and Megaboom speakers will quickly see where the Blast and Megablast speakers draw their looks from. Continuing with the canister-style design made famous by the original Boom lineup, the Blast speakers take on a more refined edge. Internally, the Megablast sees an audio upgrade that allows it to produce 40% louder sounds than the previous Megaboom.

In incorporating Amazon Alexa into the devices, Ultimate Ears had to bring in a new six-microphone array into the Blast and Megablast. Comparatively, the Blast and Megablast now sport larger dimensions and more weight than the previous Boom and Megaboom speakers. The microphone array may also be contributing to the battery life hit as well. The Blast goes down to 12 hours from it’s Boom-predecessor’s 15 hours, and the Megablast gets 16 hours compared to the Megaboom’s 20.